Why do I Need to Detox?

From the air we breathe to the water we drink, our world is full of toxins that affect the make up and functioning of our body. Each and everyday our bodies are exposed to harsh pollutants, hormones, chemicals, and pesticides, which can lead to a variety of unfortunate consequences like depression, illness, and obesity.

Although our bodies are a natural cleaning machine, there are times when it says, “Enough is enough”! And when that happens we better listen!

Who should detox?

Because our bodies are exposed to such a wide variety of toxins on a regular basis, they are tired. They are working harder then they ever have before. Why? From the food we eat to the hurried up lifestyles we lead, many of us have bodies that are completely unbalanced.

We do really need to listen to them and give them a break. Detoxing is the break that our tired bodies are craving.

Without providing a break, toxins build up, which allows problems to occur. Symptoms of an overworked body can include:

•Chronic illness

What is detoxing anyway?

For many, the word detox sounds scary and maybe even a little full of hype. No wonder! We all have heard the scams about losing all your excess weight in 48 hours or the horror stories about someone being hospitalized from a detox diet. But, detoxing really doesn’t need to be scary or scammy.

Instead, think of detoxing as a reset button–a way to give your body a reset.

In our world it is impossible to eliminate the toxins around us. Instead, we need to take action from within. By giving our bodies the rest and reset it needs, we can help it restore to its natural cleaning ability, which leads to our optimal health.

Safe detox diets can make an impact on many areas of our bodies, including:

•Nervous system
•And so much more

How to detox?

The easiest way to detox is to eat whole and real foods. When we eliminate processed foods from our diet and replace them with fruits and vegetables, our bodies quickly begin to heal. Also, while detoxing it makes sense to stick with only fruits and vegetables and to drink plenty of water.

It is also recommended that during this time we allow lots of rest and relaxation, so our minds can heal alongside our body.

So, who is ready to detox?!

Author's Bio: 

Christine M. Esters knows what it takes to create and achieve a successful cleanse. She does it herself several times a year. Over the last 10 years, Christine has taken hundreds of people through cleansing programs. She has worked with three M.D.s in Santa Rosa, California.

Christine has also worked with world renowned personal development leader, Tony Robbins at Life Mastery in Puerto Rico. Christine is a certified Colon Hydrotherapist. Christine has devoted herself to helping others succeed in cleansing body, mind and spirit to become more of who they are.