There are a few points which show why foreign exchange is better?
1. The world's first liquidity-Until the end of the twentieth century, the foreign exchange market has always been monopolized by large financial institutions. Only in the past decade or so, the foreign exchange market has undergone a historic change. Professional forex brokerage companies have begun to provide foreign exchange trading platforms through the Internet, enabling private investors and institutional investors to have equal opportunities to participate.

2. Fair and transparent-Compared with any stock and futures market in the world, the foreign exchange market is more stable and safer. The foreign exchange market has reached 2 trillion US dollars per day, making it the world's largest and fastest-growing market. This feature guarantees the stability of prices and the fairness of execution.

3. Low transaction costs -Since foreign exchange transactions do not need to be carried out on a central exchange, the cost of the transaction is almost non-existent. Due to the development of the Internet, online foreign exchange trading allows investors to directly trade with market makers, eliminating the cost of intermediaries. Further, reduce the transaction costs that investors need to bear, and the extremely high transaction volume and liquidity of the foreign exchange market greatly reduce the difference between the sale and purchase.

4. High leverage ratio (margin system)-The volatility of the foreign exchange market is low relative to stocks and futures. Investors can tailor the level of acceptable risk by using leverage ratios. The role of leverage is to allow investors to participate in transactions with borrowed funds.

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