Today if you give an option of choosing a highly renowned private sector job and a job in IAS, anybody would undoubtedly choose IAS because it cannot be compared to any other job. Even if we keep aside the high income, job security or the power that it provides you with; the additional packages it contains are very exciting. There are numerous facilities provided to an IAS officer such as healthcare, housing, transportation etc. It gives you a full blown package which makes your life luxurious and comfortable. People start to look upon you as you clear the IAS exam. Your life completely changes, and all the hard work and dedication that you put in for the preparation pays back ten times larger. Though, all the jobs provided by civil services are high in demand, when it comes to IAS, there is nothing which can match up to its stature and vigor.
An IAS officer gets the golden opportunity to be a civil servant. You participate positively in the upliftment of the society. People shared their grievances with you and you have the power to change all of it and make society a better place to live in. Such a power cannot be provided by any other job. IAS is a high profile job which is truly multi-dimensional. It is an exciting job where you are often confronted with challenges. It helps you grow professionally and personally and broadens your view of life. You realize the true meaning of political life and how one has to handle the major responsibilities handed over to him/her. IAS gives you full job satisfaction and promotes growth. You can grow in position if you work hard towards achieving the goal. Some of the positions are of regulator, crises manager, policy farmer etc. From a mere medium to implement policies framed up by higher officials, through hard work you can ascend in position and frame up your own policies. You can also become a crises manager, which means handling the crises that takes place in your area/district. The feeling of helping others and the satisfaction of providing food, shelter, and clothing to the crises striken is amazing.

However, you need to clear the IAS exams in order to live this highly satisfying life. IAS Prelims (CSAT), IAS mains exam and interview are the three stages involved which are very crucial for tour entry into the IAS. Once you clear all these stages, you reach the final round where you are trained for further postings.

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