With the nation easing down on the curfew and moving towards accepting the #NewNormal, the medical and health care centres have been opened for public use. Dentistry clinics across the country are also accessible and, as with any other medical and health care professionals, dentists are the most prone to get infected by the coronavirus.

With the dentists gearing up to provide services to their patients, it is essential to safeguard their health and that of their patients. One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), considering the dental procedures require close contact with the patient. This proximity might endanger the health of the dentist as well as the patient.

With the PPE kit, the mask also plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of the virus. While various masks are available for the health care and dentistry to protect themselves and their employees against the bacteria that might become aerosolized during various dental procedures, choosing the right mask is of utmost importance.

All the masks made available are not the same and should be treated as per the requirements of filtration and fit needed for each procedure. Surgical medical masks are medical devices and are to be selected with extreme care. The medical or surgical masks that provide a minimum of 95% filtration are recommended. Moderate or high protection masks must have a bacterial filtration of over 98%. It is important to understand that the surgical mask is designed for use in an operating room or any sterile area to protect the patient and environment from any possibility of contamination and therefore, The Mask Lab products are highly recommended.

Besides it also protects the health care provider from contaminated fluids entering their body during the dental procedure. Surgical masks are equipped with ties that allow adjustability over the surgical cap and therefore, precision regarding the choice of the mask is vital. Choosing one that has been conforming to the standards set by the WHO is important.

The Mask Lab provides you with premium quality surgical face masks, N95 face filters which adhere to ASTM F2100 11 standard Level 3. This is globally classified as the medical grade surgical masks. These masks are made of 3-4 ply melt-blown layers which gives you over 99% protection against infected droplets and airborne particles.

All the components used to make the mask are of high quality and are sourced from the internally certified suppliers to maintain the highest level of sterilisation. Manufactured in a cleanroom environment to ensure no cross-contamination. Breathability is the key factor of these masks. These masks have best in result for breathability and comfort. To allow the dentist to conduct the entire procedure smoothly. Their mask is equipped with ties made of soft material which is comfortable to be worn over a longer period. The components are tested in a lab equipped with state of art German technology.

The Mask Lab products are easily available at e-commerce websites like Amazon and Snapdeal. For any other queries or detailed information, visit our website www.themasklab.in

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The Mask Lab delivers the highest value of personal protection to ensure the safety of people, therefore, it is of utmost importance to have high quality prints that bring out the best elements of the products.