Software development and computer science are not the same thing. Software development by itself, in my opinion, is not a science (although it is used to some extent in various sciences). If anything, it is more closely related to engineering because it involves planning, designing, and implementing, and supporting tasks to meet project goals on set time lines and budgets. (This is why we have the term software engineer) Software development may be thought to be a science by some because computer scientists (and scientists from other fields) developing new technologies and concepts may do a lot of software development in their work. It may also be considered to be a science by some due to its roots in computers before computers were common and only scientists and mathematicians used them regularly. Also, software development uses a lot of logic, which is something commonly associated with science.

This is just my two cents.... others may view it as a science. I do not. I view it as a tool of science. More at

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