It is important to avoid plagiarism when working online due to the bad reputation it can give any internet marketer! Although the temptation is always there to 'borrow' the work of others when using content, it is ALWAYS best to resist the urge! The stigma that goes with being found guilty of plagiarizing will only serve to DECREASE the trust others may have developed in you! As every internet marketer is aware, without the trust of others their ability to earn money is severely limited!

Here's a look at 3 significant reasons why it is NEVER a good idea to pass off the work of others as your own when using content!

Diminishes Reputation

Being branded a thief when using content written by someone else not only gives you a bad reputation but it will also make you irrelevant! Now we're referring to those unethical 'individuals' who knowingly use information composed by another and brazenly take credit as being the original author! Not only is this unethical but it is also a bit dimwitted as well since sooner or later you WILL get caught! The internet has as many eyes and ears as it has size and the word always gets out!

Damages Marketing Effectiveness

Earlier mention was made of how plagiarizing can limit your ability to make money online! When people come to recognize a particular internet marketer has been known to 'borrow' from others without their consent their trust weakens! Now how in the world do you expect people to believe any sales copy, product claims or even guarantees that this particular person may offer? Having a bad reputation can severely cripple any persons marketing effectiveness on the internet making it nearly impossible to sell anything!

Ultimately Erodes Your Confidence

Let's face it with dwindling sales and a damaged reputation your self esteem takes a HUGE hit! When this happens it seems everything you do tends to be counter-productive! When you reach this point every internet marketer knows that it's time to take a break or maybe even walk away! Earning trust takes a lot of time and effort but to lose it takes literally no time at all! Even worse is that to mend a bad reputation may take even more effort and frankly many aren't that committed to their online objectives to invest this effort! If you only hadn't been tempted to cross the line...

For anybody trying to earn an income online is vitally important to avoid plagiarism at all cost! Although using content others have published is acceptable, provided the 'real' author is credited, putting your name on their work will give you a much deserved bad reputation! The discussion above focuses on just 3 reasons every internet marketer needs to walk the straight and narrow! Having violated the trust of others by branding yourself as a cheater or thief is also a reflection of pure laziness! The lesson here is if you're too lazy to create content uniquely your own you're also probably too lazy to develop a profitable business! To be successful every internet marketer must be willing to work for it and to maintain a reputable image so others can trust in you!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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