Why not? Just kidding. Actually, there is scientific data coming into light showing that meditation does indeed improve your health and well-being.

What those of us that have been meditating for a long time already know is that it slows your heart rate, oxygenates the body, reduces stress, sharpens mental focus and helps you to gain power over your emotions. And perhaps, more than any other reason, it is just so dang relaxing!

So, there you go, no more excuses - everyone that meditates says their days go better when they meditate, they feel better, have more clarity, more focus, pretty much more of everything that is good. So again, why not?

PLUS, what has come to light recently is that we can use meditation to communicate with our Selves. I think I am pretty safe in saying that everyone is familiar with the idea that we all have an Unconscious or Subconscious Mind, right? If not, please notify me via my contact page. And so it is, everyone knows we have one, but almost no one knows how to access it or how to communicate with it; it seems we are at the mercy of our Unconscious Minds, does it not? I am here now to dispel the idea that we cannot communicate with our Unconscious Minds; we can, we just didn't know how. Now we do - see my How page in this series for a further explanation. Oh yeah, and don't forget to download my free article Our Three Minds when you get a chance. Understanding how they all interact helps immensely with opening these lines of communication.

Have you seen the movie, The Secret? And, now that you know the 'Secret' you are still not manifesting the way you would like, is that a fair statement? I thought so - I hear it all the time; phrases like, The Secret is a bunch of __________!" Fill in the blank with any expletive that works for you, but in essence, it doesn't work! Well kind of, the truth is The Secret does work - it is valid; the reason it does not seem to work is because we get in our own ways and don't even know it. Why not? Because the key to The Secret lies within our Unconscious Minds and very few understand that and if they do, they don't know how to change it.

THAT, my friends, is my goal of these pages, to help you understand how to communicate with your Self so that you can unleash The Secret and begin attracting the life you want. Oh, by the way, you are already doing that - attracting the life you want, that is. I know, it isn't the life you Think you want, but it is however, the life you want. Once you delve into your Unconscious Mind and become aware of your paradigm, you will begin to understand that more. I hate to say it, but I should probably make this disclaimer - not everything you uncover are you going to like, or love. However, once you start uncovering and becoming aware, you will no doubt have a multitude of "Aha" moments, as in, "Oh, THAT's why that happened the way it did!"

One more thing just came to me after a short meditation. There are a multitude of new media out there claiming to uncover the secret to The Secret. In all honesty, I have to say that I have not looked into any of them in depth, other than to read their introduction pages and 'landing pages'. So far I am not too impressed; however, I am aware that to many of you, what I am professing is simply yet another one of those secrets to The Secret. Maybe so, but that is not my claim. I understand The Secret and I too have had my share of difficulties manifesting the gazillions of dollars, new planes, trains, and automobiles that sometimes I think I want. So, you are probably asking your Self, "If he is teaching this and he can't do it, why should I be able to?" Good question - the answer? I AM doing it - but, just so you know - and this is where a lot of people missed the boat with The Secret. It does not happen overnight! It does, however, happen very quickly once it does start happening. The bottom line is I am not waiting until I have mounds of proof and can make all the statements that the Affiliate Marketers make about riches, and vacations when you want, yada yada yada. I am sharing this while I am living it because it is freshest while in the midst of it... and it is now my job. In any case, there is one other thing I know that you may not yet know - that is that at some level you already know I am correct in this.

Is it easy? No, of course not, nothing of this magnitude is ever easy; however, yes indeed, you guessed it - it IS simple. And therein lies the beauty of it. Another question; have you read, or more importantly listened to, Dr. Wayne Dyer's Manifest Your Destiny? You have? So you know the sound of Creation and the sound of Gratitude, but... how long did you do those meditations? Are you still doing them? If so, cool, you probably stopped reading this a long time ago, because that in essence works very similarly. The point being, it does work. However, my guess is that more people than not that have listened to that series are not still continuing those meditations. Why not? Are you one of them? So, if it works, why don't we stay with it? Because our paradigm, our Unconscious Minds' programming is still too cluttered to allow that to happen. THAT is why THIS process is so important, because you will learn how to go in and unclutter your Unconscious Mind. Free it up to receive all the new information that you want to present to it. A note of caution; you are already doing that. Again, I point you to my free article Our Three Minds where I go into more detail about this. In a nutshell, everything you 'say' to yourself goes into the Unconscious Mind - it remembers EVERYthing! So, the next time you miss a putt on the golf course and mutter under your breath, or not under your breath, "You knucklehead, you should have made that!" what does the Unconscious Mind here? Yup - every word, but mostly knucklehead, or whatever other negative connotation you say. How do I know this? Simple, I used to do it. I stopped doing it - and yes, it is hard, but all it takes is practice, and I went from a 12 handicap to a 6 in a couple of months. If you are a golfer, you know how hard that is. The same is true no matter what you are doing, sports, computing, even shopping; think for a moment what came just before saying "..... should have..." with your Self-talk. Therein Ladies and Gentlemen is why you are not manifesting the way you think you should be. You are not worthy of it. I am not making that judgment, you are. Whenever you say something to your Self that includes "Should have" you are telling yourself that you made a mistake and you are less than, that you did it wrong, or it could have been done better. Does that make sense? If not, or you have anything else to say about all this, please visit my Contact page and let me know.

So... gee whiz, it sure took a long time to get here, huh? So Why meditate? So you can number one, come to know your Self better, actually... make that simply know your Self! Because until you truly know your Self, you are just basically cruising through life on auto-pilot, living according to your programming, which was given to you when? Yes indeed, when you were a child. As I said, our Unconscious Mind remembers EVERYthing while our Conscious Mind is lucky to remember what we had for breakfast this morning, unless breakfast is a habit and we have the same thing every day. The keyword here is 'habit'; however, I am not going into that here and now, that is a further discussion which I will release at a later date. Enough is enough, already, right? Right!

So again, Why meditate?

Why NOT?!?

Thank you for being you.

Author's Bio: 

Jon is a Dr. of Metaphysics, an Ordained Minister, a Reiki Master/Teacher, Spiritual Life Coach, Author, and Speaker. My primary purpose is to help others learn to live in Peace and live to their fullest potential.