Studies have been conducted that microwaving your food is not good for your diet as they reduce or destroy the nutritional value of your food. These are not even harmful to humans but these are also hazardous for plants and animals. Apart from being injurious, microwave ovens or laboratory ovens are particularly used for industrial purposes and for carrying out experiments in a laboratory.

Adding on, we can discuss how microwave ovens are harmful. For instance, breast milk heated in microwave ovens deteriorates the content of vitamins and makes it biologically inactive. This becomes poisonous to both the nervous system and kidneys. Moreover, studies show that even if you are re-heating your tea, this is not a good idea. Microwaving your vegetables obliterate 97% of the nutritional content. In other words, if you eat raw broccoli it more or less acts as a medicine for halting the growth of cancer tumors, but, if you microwave it the nutrients in it gets depleted. People today are more into eating dead food.

This leads to increase in the number of heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, depression and liver disorders. Microwave ovens are best suited for industrial purposes or carrying out experiments in laboratories. This is because in a laboratory there are no involvements of vegetables or any kind of eatable items.

The reason for not microwaving is that when you cook food it is normally heated from outside in. This is regarded as the normal function of thermal dynamics, heat transfers cold. Microwave radiation heats from inside out which destroys the enzymes and nutrients present in your food. Therefore, it is suggested to eat cooked food not microwave your food. Microwaving is highly suitable for conducting scientific applications.

For scientific purposes, these ovens are used for annealing, die-bond curing, sterilizing and for other industrial purposes. They are termed as laboratory ovens and are used for various functions and configurations which include horizontal airflow, inert atmosphere, natural convection and clean rooms. These configurations and functions are basically conducted in transportation industry, health industry, and technology industry. These ovens are particularly for high forced volume thermal convection applications.

As stated above, industrial ovens or laboratory ovens are effectively used in the process of sterilization. Sterilization is a process that removes or kills all forms of microbial life which includes fungi, bacteria, viruses and other spore forms. Therefore, it is advisable to perform these processes in laboratory as microwaving your food will not only affect your health but will also create troubles for you.

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