Many people hate money because our life is controlled by it. That is valid and true, but for every negative there is a positive, and the positive side of being controlled by money is what I would like to discuss.

The most important part of achieving a happy life is eliminating all negative emotions. The complete eradication of negative feelings may be impossible, but a significant reduction is still pretty good and very realistic.

Money is a big part of our life, in fact, it is the core of everything in our world. Even if you think you can live in nature and not need money, think of all the things you have that did cost money, even your clothes. So even in nature, to survive the elements, you need many things that require money.

When we see real poverty it makes us feel that money is a terrible thing that causes greed and all sorts of abuses. All true, but regardless of this, let’s look at how money can be useful to our personal, spiritual as well as material growth.

Doing things that we do not like are hard to do. In these times, we need a motivator. Without motivation, many people would not put in any effort to improve themselves, and so being lazy by nature, nature had to find a way to get us to work.

The kaballah says that God created this system so that we would be forced to work and challenge ourselves so we would serve the purpose of His creation, which is to perfect our being.

Suffering is a great motivator. Life is suffering, suffering is caused by desires, or as we discussed in the previous article; Not Only Desires, But Obligations, Cause Suffering, it is our obligations to things that require money which is a deeper cause of suffering through resentment.

The purpose of life is evolution. I am not speaking of Darwinian views, but in a way it is. We may not need to evolve physically, but we certainly do need to evolve intellectually and emotionally, even if you do not believe in spirituality. In order to make more money, and enough that we can cover all our obligations, we need to improve our skills and knowledge.

That takes work, effort and sacrifice, things we often would not do unless we absolutely have to. If we suffer enough, and have found the root cause and ultimate source of suffering, at least on the human level, the feasible possibility of ending suffering is a great motivator to improve ourselves.

If you look at life in this way, you may find a big change in your attitude;

Life is suffering.
Suffering is caused by a lack of money.
More money comes with more skills.
Acquiring skills takes effort and sacrifice.
Putting in effort, making sacrifices and acquiring more skills and knowledge strengthens your mind and will power.
A stronger mind is an advancement and growth of your being.
As more individuals in the species improve themselves, the whole species improves with each generation as the children surpass their parents and then become parents themselves.
Eventually, humanity may actually be a species worthy of respect.
Instead of resenting money and work and the way life is, open your mind to a bigger picture than your little life. Each of us is a part of the species of humanity, we are not isolated individuals.

Play a part in the progress of the species, cultivate yourself and become something more tomorrow than you are today. This helps the species, the planet, and your own life, all at the same time.

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David Samuel is The Entrepreneur Monk, applying his understanding of the mind and emotions in business, relationships and personal growth.
Your mind makes you a success or failure, business skill is only a small part.
David resolved the riddle of why we do what is bad for us yet do not do what we know is beneficial and teaches that very effectively.
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