One of the biggest blockages people face in moving forward with living according to their passions and purpose is belief, both conscious and subconscious. Our beliefs determine what we attract and what we allow ourselves to receive in life. When we start from a place of limiting or flawed premises it will hold us back from achieving our goals and desires.

Common limiting beliefs include things like:

“I’m too old to start something new.”
“You can only get what you want by working hard and struggling.”
“Only the few really talented people achieve what they want.”
“It’s just a matter of luck.”
“I’m just not good (talented, skilled, educated) enough.”
“No one will want what I have to offer.”
“I don’t really matter.”
“No one can succeed in this economy.”

The list could go on! It’s important to understand that your reality is created by your beliefs. Your beliefs, often subconscious, are the result of years of “programming” by parents, teachers, religious leaders, your own observations of others reactions and society itself. They were downloaded into you most likely before the age of six, when the brain is operating in delta and theta waves, which in an adult, would be asleep or in a trance state. In other words, the brain is very susceptible at that time. All of these people may have been well-meaning, but they were operating from their programming as well.

Neuroscientists have found that as much as 95% of our consciousness is subconscious. The subconscious mind is the storehouse for our values, attitudes and beliefs. If you have been trying to reach a goal, doing everything “right” and possibly using the principles of the law of attraction but have been unable to bring it about, chances are the difficulty stems from your subconscious beliefs. Our beliefs form our perception of the world. Everything we see and experience is filtered through that lens.

For example, if you hold the belief that the only way to succeed is to work hard and struggle, then that is the only way you will succeed. People do it–but it’s no fun! If you hold a belief that you are too old or you don’t matter, you’ll never even get started–unless you recognize and change the belief.

If you want to get an idea of what your beliefs are, take a look at your life right now. You have created it out of your belief system–the good, the bad and the ugly! Ask yourself, what would someone have to believe in order to have created this?

One way to think of a belief is that it is just a thought you keep on thinking. Challenge those thoughts that limit you! Happy people don’t believe everything they think. Old beliefs can be changed and replaced with beliefs that serve who you are now. Begin by telling yourself that you can have what you want. Every time a thought comes up about why you can’t do what you want, replace it with the reasons why you can. Make lists of all the reasons you can do what you want to do.

Scientists have discovered that the brain is plastic–in other words, you can teach an old dog new tricks! We can form new neural pathways and dissolve old pathways that don’t serve us simply by focusing on the new thoughts. Think of it like forging a new path through the brush. The old path grows over from lack of use. This takes focus and persistence but is well worth it. The world is waiting for your gifts and you deserve to live a life you love.

Some modalities that do help speed the process along are EFT, or meridian tapping, and PSYCH-K®. You can find many EFT videos on Youtube that may address what you want to change, as well as finding an EFT coach or a coach qualified to help you using PSYCH-K®.

As Wayne Dyer said, "When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

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Known as America's Life Purpose Coach™, Estra Roell is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and PSYCH-K® facilitator. Her passion is in helping people gain clarity on their passions and purpose and empowering them to move into inspired action to reach their goals using a variety of powerful processes.

Estra is a host on Blogtalk Radio's Coach Café and is a co-author of the books, 101 Great Ways to Enhance Your Career and How to Create a Rich, Successful and Fulfilling Life: Dynamic Tools for Overcoming Obstacles and Creating Rapid Transformation. She is also the creator of an online coaching program, Living on Purpose: 12 Steps to Loving Monday Morning.

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