A man wandered into a Federal building and asked, "Is this the headquarters for the war on poverty?"

"Yes, it is." replied the receptionist.

"Good," he said, "I've come to surrender."

Have you tried and tried to prosper with only meager or dissatisfying results? For some time I have been aware that many people, no matter how hard they try, just do not prosper. Hopefully, this and the many other prosperity articles here, will help you if you are in this category. If you know people who are, invite them read these prosperity articles. There are many reasons why people do not prosper. I will address only a few in this article, however.

One reason people don't prosper is because they look only to one or two avenues of supply instead of to God, as their source. They wrongly believe that their job, husband, wife, investments, the government, or some other channel is their source. This is very limiting and wrong. They are not the source. They are only channels. God is the source!

When you establish in your belief system that God is the source of your supply, and look only to this one source, then you understand that jobs, business, etc. are only channels and there is much more beyond those.

In my book, "How to Have 'Unexpected' Income", I wrote about a young man who thought he was set for life with his company. There was no reason for him to doubt that. (Sound familiar?) However, the company began cutting back and he was scared that he might be caught in the lay offs. Sure enough, he was soon out of a job.

For a while he was bitter, blaming the company for his situation. Fortunately, though, a friend gave him a book about prosperous living. Upon reading it, he soon realized the reason why he was laid off was not so much that the company no longer needed him. He needed to learn that the company was not the source of his financial supply.

As this young man continued to study that book, he learned that God was his source and he could go directly to God through affirmative prayer. He learned that God was within him as a very loving, all-providing Presence. He began to declare often: God is my source, therefore, my supply is always where I am and I am always abundantly provided for.

With each day, his understanding and faith grew. Learning that tithing was a practical way to put God first, he began to tithe. He felt empowered as never before. Soon he was offered a new job with another company at a substantial increase in salary over what he had been receiving, plus some very interesting "perks." His whole life was better in every respect. Losing his former job turned out to be a blessing! He vowed to never again look only to a company for his financial supply.

Another reason why people don't prosper is an inadequate self-image. It is amazing how many people have a concept of themselves as being unworthy. Through religious training, from parents, or other well-meaning but misinformed people, they have created belief systems of not deserving to really prosper.

These people erroneously see themselves as having to work hard for so many years thinking they would like to prosper in a big way, but because of the disempowering image they carry in consciousness, they just can't do it.

The solution is to create in imagination, the clear image of yourself as worthy of all of the riches of God and to see yourself actually enjoying those riches as rightfully yours as the deserving child of God that you are.

Anger, resentment, and unforgiveness are biggies when it comes to inhibiting prosperity. You cannot imagine just how damaging and limiting those emotions are. Most of all, you cannot afford them! You wouldn't think of dragging along behind you, a large container of heavy garbage but that is exactly what is done when anger, resentment and unforgiveness are not deleted from your thinking and feeling nature. They need to be left behind, permanently!

A person had some money coming to him from an organization, but all attempts to collect were futilethat is until he learned to release his anger about the matter, stop resenting the organization, and to forgive. In the process he learned he was angry about a lot of other things and people. His resentment was profound and, at first, he thought it was okay to not forgive.

But he was amazed when he learned how wrong he had been and what it had cost him in peace of mind, health, and financial income. He quickly set about cleaning up his consciousness, got rid of that garbage, and went free.

It was not long before the organization, without any pressure from him, agreed to a settlement which was larger than he thought he would get. This was just the start of a whole new prosperous life for this man.

The above are just a few reasons why people don't prosper. There are many others. Hopefully, you now have some guidance as to cleaning up and cleaning out anything that may have been blocking your prosperity. As you do your personal cleaning, you will find it empowering to connect more securely with the presence of God within you.

Establish in your mind, the solid belief: "A consciousness of God is my supply."

God is love and love works prosperity miracles! Love opens and keeps open all the prosperity doors for you. - Rich blessings, Rev. John

Author's Bio: 

Rev. John W. Adams is a Unity Minister, ordained in June, 1966 by Lowell Fillmore, son of the founders of Unity School of Christianity, Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. Rev. John has dedicated his life to empowering people to live life lovingly, positively, and prosperously as God intends. Through his writings and teachings, and his prayer ministry, he has kept true to this purpose. He is the founder and director of Golden Key Ministry-Unity, a worldwide healing prayer ministry by mail and the Internet, established in 1974. Rev. John is the author of eleven self-help and prosperity print books, plus seven e-books. Be sure and visit our bookstore - http://www.goldenkeyministry.com/bookshelf