People shop online for a lot of reasons but some feel that the proposed internet sales tax, if passed, will significantly cut back on internet purchases! Although nobody really likes to pay taxes, it's the feeling of this author that shopping convenience and not tax savings is the driving force behind folks buying online!

Here are 5 reasons, I feel, that compel people to make internet purchases as opposed to visiting brick and mortar establishments for their shopping needs!

Saves Time

Convenience is a valuable commodity and many people are willing to pay a little extra just to increase their ease and save themselves time! No rushing across town and waiting in line to buy something when the web offers you the shopping convenience of doing so right from your computer! How easy is that? Implementing state sales taxes will only hike up the cost of what you purchased by a few percentage points but it's not enough to overshadow the ease of making internet purchases!

24-7 Availability

You can shop not only from the convenient confines of your home but at any time of the day or night! This itself is a 'game changer' from the standpoint that you'll no longer have to plan your day 'around' making runs to area stores or even those located outside your local area! When the mood strikes you and the time is available you can make internet purchases whenever you feel without disrupting your day or any plans you made! Oh but the life of instant gratification, don't you love it?

Comparative Shopping Made Simple

Hardcore shoppers are notorious for their ability to always find the best buy and this is usually accomplished by investing their time and diligence! On the other hand with the shopping convenience available by going online this helps to 'super charge' your ability to compare prices! Now you're able to see more comparisons and in much less time which is something hard to beat! In fact many who still shop offline use the web to locate the best deals before they run out to the store!

Come As You Are

Shopping in your pajamas can't be beat especially during the cold winter months when you need to bundle up before going out! Hell, all you really need to make internet purchases is a payment method since clothing is optional unless you're on Skype! Even if an internet sales tax is imposed and drives up the cost of goods and services rendering you to wearing only a barrel, you can still shop online!

Reduces Stress

No lines, no traffic and no parking are all huge benefits that help reduce the stress of locating and purchasing what you want or need! This lack of stress is ESPECIALLY appreciated during the holiday seasons when traffic is heavy, lines are long and tempers are short! The shopping convenience the internet offers has already helped to restore the 'merry' in my Christmases! Not having to plan shopping trips is a delight anybody can appreciate!

The above discussion about why people shop online does NOT endorse the notion that the proposed internet sales tax will significantly impact the volume of internet purchases being made! I strongly feel the shopping convenience associated with online purchases is the driving force behind these sales and NOT tax savings! We live in a fast and mobile society where we value our convenience and time thus making the shopping convenience the internet offers too hard to resist!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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