In all my years as a fitness professional I’ve watched literally hundreds of clients attempt to make a lifestyle change and transform their body. In almost every case there came a point in their program where I could pretty much tell if they would be successful or not. It was when the initial motivation wore off, old habits starting creeping back in, and all sorts of obstacles starting rearing their ugly heads.

Applying the discipline and commitment to making long-term, lasting changes is not easy. As it is with most things in life nothing good comes without overcoming obstacles. The one common element I’ve seen in almost every single case of a successful body transformation was simply perseverance.

When most people would throw in the towel, these people simply stuck with it. If you can just hang in there and keep pressing forward I promise you that you’ll be successful in your weight loss program as well. Master perseverance and you’ll win, neglect it and you’ll undoubtedly face frustration and disappointment.

Take a moment right now to reflect back on some of the setbacks you have experienced in your life. We have all had them, they’re inevitable. These setbacks and the resulting “low times” may have been brought about by any number of circumstances. Many times they’re out of your control. It doesn’t matter where the setbacks come from or why. It only matters that you accept the fact that they’ll be there for everyone, including you.

However, here is something to consider. When you’re in the middle of tough times it’s hard to imagine things could get better. What you might not yet realize is that the negative thoughts that ultimately affect you mentally and physically are always in your control.

I know what you might be thinking…”But wait a minute Shane, my obstacles and problems are real!” Wrong, the events that happen in your life are real. The negative thoughts and limitations you put on yourself are in your mind. You have control over these negative thoughts and I can prove it.

In the past when you experienced obstacles and setbacks you eventually made it through and gradually started to feel better right? Without you even knowing it, your thoughts and beliefs were the main reason you started feeling better again.

Gradually, and little by little your negative thoughts gave way to positive thoughts and you began to feel better. You made it, brighter days came again! What happened? Often times the only thing that changed was how you looked at your obstacles or problems. You may have simply got so feed up with dealing with something that you said enough is enough.

Knowing this reality beforehand will help make all the difference now when the negative thoughts of failure start creeping in during your program.

Will you never get angry, be sad, or have negative thoughts while trying to transform your body? Of course you will. The difference is that now you’ll know what is happening to you and you’ll be able to counteract these emotions. You’ll be able to put on your armor and fight these negative thoughts with visualization (mental images) of your success.

You never have to give up. You simply need perseverance and patience. Remember that perseverance always outlasts persecution. Stand firm and don’t quit. You’ve earned the right to have the body you’ve always wanted whether you know it or not.

My point for bringing this up in a body transformation program is very important. You have already demonstrated great perseverance in overcoming obstacles and low times in your life. When you encounter minor setbacks in your body transformation program and feel like quitting, look deep down inside yourself.

You’ve already been through much tougher times and didn’t quit, why would you quit now? It puts everything in perspective. Remember you’ll always have to go through some valleys before you can ever get to the mountaintops.

It is important when you get to these setbacks that you stay focused. See yourself completing and achieving your goals. Visualize yourself clearly at the other side. This will help you to shake off bad days and keep on going. It is also reassuring to know that good things often happen right after coming through setbacks. Think about past experiences in your life and you’ll find this to be true.

How you should deal with procrastination

When most people think about procrastination, they often relate it to laziness. This may be true in some situations, but I’ve personally found there is often something much bigger rooted at the problem. That problem is often nothing more than fear. It is fear that makes us afraid of failure, change, and success. Fear is at the root of procrastination.

Anything that holds you back can be directly linked back to a foundation of fear. Fear is nothing more than a negative thought, which leads to negative emotions, which then creates a physical manifestation in your body. You’ve heard that you can literally think yourself sick…it’s true. The same thing can be said for thinking yourself into your new body with the opposite thoughts of success and accomplishment. See yourself as already being there.

Nothing should hold you back from what you want. We have the God given right to happiness and peace. Fear has no place in that plan.

Why does fear exist? Fear is merely the opposite of love.

Think of it this way…fear and love are on the flipside of one another in a universal law. Both are nothing more than energies moving in opposite directions. We are free to choose which one to follow. Each one will manifest different results in our lives.

As you know fear always manifests itself into negative thoughts. The beauty in this universal law is that you only need to change the direction of the energy. How do we do that? Very simple, change your thoughts and beliefs. I know this might sound like I’m getting a little to metaphysical and deep but this stuff is very real.

Is it always easy to change your thoughts and belief systems? Of course not, but just like anything else you simply need to practice. Every time your mind is filled with thoughts of fear simply look to replace the negative energy with positive thoughts. Count your blessings, compliment other people, look for the good in yourself and others at all times.

And don’t just think it, say it out loud. There is something about hearing the words of positive affirmations that makes them so much more powerful than just thinking them. Tell yourself that you can do it…you will do it! Don’t let negative thoughts consume you, replace them with positive thoughts.

The reason you should think in terms of love is because in love you have faith in your abilities. You need these positive emotions in order to change your body. Some people are deep down afraid to change because of insecurity. Staying right where you’re at protects you from the stress, hurt, disappointment, and pain that might come from taking a risk and trying to change.

If you find yourself “stuck” right where you don’t want to be, take a good look at your thoughts. Thoughts of fear and negative emotions can trick you into believing you’re better off in your current situation. This is such nonsense! Don’t buy into these lies.

I would like you to go back and remember something you’ve accomplished in your life. When you look at this accomplishment one thing is probably for certain. You succeeded because you didn’t let fear keep you from getting started or quitting half way. This will help you to realize you can always do what you put your mind to! You’ve already done it before. So keep pressing forward…you can do it again.

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Shane Doll is a certified personal trainer, fat loss expert, speaker, and founder of Shaping Concepts, a personal fitness training studio that specializes in Charleston weight loss programs for body transformation. To learn more about the strategies he uses to help clients lose weight and get in shape visit You can also download his free e-book “The Lean Code Method Quick Start Nutrition Guide.”