Adopting a proactive management style is a highly recommended way to grow your business online! By being proactive you may take risks but when you do they're typically calculated! On the other hand by simply reacting to or waiting for things to occur, the chances for growth are usually minimal! Be it changes in demand, marketing strategies or even industry rules and regulations you want to be prepared ahead of time!

Here are 5 strong reasons why when you're NOT being proactive it makes it much more difficult to grow your business online!

Problems Are Bigger

By virtue of simply being proactive you tend to address even the slightest changes before they MUSHROOM into something bigger! This type of approach or mindset is more of one that 'controls or manages' as oppose to waiting for things to get out of control! Look at the we manage our own health as suggested by professionals in the field! By taking 'preventative' measures we are in so many words 'proactively' able to maintain better health! In order to grow your business faster the same strategy should be taken!

Productivity Is Curtailed

As things evolve and/or change, as they will in any business, there is always a period of time needed to fully adapt to these changes! This can obviously bring many businesses to a screeching halt when caught off guard like this! On the other hand by being proactive, contingency plans can be developed to help circumvent a complete shutdown while trying to figure out how to handle these changes or problems! Now your productivity has only suffered, at best, a short lived slowdown and NOT a complete shutdown!

Panic Mode Sets In

Death, taxes, divorce and change are recognized as significant factors that cause stress in our lives! Encountering unexpected changes that have a negative effect on your bottom line can easily cause 'major' stress which can easily turn into panic! When this occurs it can have a significant impact on both your health as well as your personal life!

Rationale Is Compromised

Along with stress and panic affecting your health and family life, it can also render your ability to think in a rationale manner almost useless! When you consider the internet to be one of the most dynamic environments we work and play in, it is obvious that to grow your business online you need to be thinking clearly! The bottom line here is don't wait for the unexpected to happen but rather plan for it instead by being proactive!

Time Is Mismanaged (Lost)

Being that time is both a very valuable but yet non-renewable resource, we need to always make the best use of it possible! Getting 'blindsided' by the unexpected, typically results in not only shock to our mental health as well as our personal lives but it also creates a black hole into which a lot of time is lost! Instead of taking steps towards being proactive in order to grow your business faster you often find yourself in a full blown damage control mode! The best that can come out of this situation is that you eventually 'repair' the situation and get back on course! When all is said and done, nothing is gained, you simply invested much time and effort to simply get back to where you formerly were!

Maintaining a proactive management strategy is one of the best ways to grow your business on the internet! With all the changes that tend to occur online do to the dynamic nature of the environment, if you're not prepared ahead of time, you'll realize little if any growth whatsoever! By being proactive even when you do take risks they are normally calculated and designed to further grow your business! On the other hand, by allowing yourself to simply react to unexpected changes, you're dooming yourself to an endless cycle of stress and frustration with little growth to show for your efforts! So if you really want to take charge of your destiny and grow your business online, being proactive is the way to go!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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