React may have not been the most popular development tool in the market when Facebook first released it back in 2013 but since then, this front-end framework has made some serious progress. As a result, it is now firmly established as one of the leading front-end frameworks one can use.

A life-changing framework comes to the rescue of many UI developers. With a community of more than 56,000 developers, it has over 8000+ industry leaders using this popular JavaScript library. Therefore it is a preferred tool for developers to build cool and responsive web visual elements.

But do not take my word for it; here are some of the most important ReactJS benefits to help you understand why it has managed to become such a popular name in the development ecosystem.

1. Ease of learning: Let us start with the basics: ReactJS is incredibly easy to learn and master, especially when compared to other development tools, such as Angular, Vue, etc. This not only means it is easier to find skilled developers well-versed with ReactJS but that companies can also build their apps and such much more quickly with ReactJS.

2. Accelerated development: All companies aim for as short a development lifecycle as possible. This is, however, highly contingent on the tools one uses to build their digital tool. Thankfully, React is one such tool: it is renowned for its ability to enable rapid app development. This speed is ascribed to quickly optimize reusable components, thus easing the integration of various new aspects in the app development process.

3. Tailored components: Since ReactJS gets JSX, a syntax extension, developers can easily build unique components based on their project’s requirements. Such components are not only typically compatible with HTML quoting but are also easy to render.

4. Community support: ReactJS currently enjoys the support of over 1,330 regular contributors and has 136,000+ stars on GitHub. Suffice it to say that this JavaScript library has the support and backing of a sizable community, meaning companies and developers will always have access to reliable support from experts, extensive documentation, tutorials, etc. for ReactJS lest they ever feel the need for such support.

Now, let us also take a quick look at some popular use cases for React.

1. Static websites: Thanks to the evolution of JavaScript, React can now also be used to create static websites, a domain which was previously commanded by WordPress because such were previously managed by server-rendered HTML.

2. SPAs: React is one of the most commonly-used tools for the development of high-quality single-page applications.

3. Native apps: React Native empowers developers to write React components in JavaScript and then compile them into the native code. This ensures top-notch performance for the app.

That ReactJs is a mighty powerful tool is a widely-accepted fact. Furthermore, the above discussion serves to demonstrate some of the many, many ways in which it helps modern organizations build powerful apps and other digital tools which can help take their businesses to the next level. Rest assured that ReactJs brings a lot more to the table beside the aforementioned features, including JavaScript-based UI library, virtual DOM, and a plethora of other development tools that enable programmers to examine apps’ components across a variety of browsers. You too can avail these advantages and drive the next stage of your business’ growth. All you need to do, then, is find a trusted company that offers React.js web development services and you will be quickly on your way to leveraging the might of this JavaScript library to build exceptional apps and more.

Author's Bio: 

Kaushal Shah manages digital marketing communications for the enterprise technology services provided by Rishabh Software.