Pocket knives are an absolute necessity for anyone that enjoys outdoor adventures. They come in handy for countless chores from prepping meals and cutting ropes to hunting and self-defense.

Nevertheless, an EDC pocket knife is only as good as its design and Shieldon certainly understands this.

Shieldon EDC pocket knife designs present sleekness, durability, and versatility at their best. More importantly, most design aspects are highly customizable to suit specific utilities, budgets, or brand requirements.

The designs include Barraskewda, Empolion, Bazoucan, and Damascus knives. All of them are inspired by unique aspects in nature or ancient knife designs.

The blades of Shieldon EDC pocket knives are all foldable. This makes the knives safer, compact, and easy to carry around. The folding mechanism is facilitated by a pivot made of T8 which is a strong and durable metal alloy. Each knife model does, however, have a unique blade unfolding system like a flipper or a flipper and thumb stud combination.

Still, on blades, Shieldon pocket knife blades have an HRC of between 58 and 60. This, coupled with the fact that they are made of D2 steel, makes them corrosion-resistant and tough enough for the demanding tasks of outdoor excursions.

Notably, the shapes of the pocket knife blades vary from one model to another. This optimizes the knife designs for different applications.

The Damascus knife, for example, may be ideal for anyone looking for general utility EDC pocket knives. In comparison, other models like the Bulbasaur Sandvik may be better suited for hunting or fishing given their curved streamlined blades that can be wielded at unique angles.

The weights and dimensions of Shieldon EDC pocket knives are carefully balanced to ensure that each knife handles well. However, you could customize some size aspects or material combinations to achieve a custom length or weight of your preference.

The handles come in different materials including G10, G10+carbon fiber, and stainless steel+carbon fiber combinations. They are textured for enhanced grip and have a ridge for blade retraction.

Each handle further comes with a lock mechanism for safety. The lock options include frame locks and liner locks, depending on which of them is more suitable for the shape of the handle.

Shieldon knife designers do not hold back on aesthetic appeal either. There is certainly a design for everyone whether you are keen on bright and colorful pocket knives or understated pieces that are simple yet elegant,

Better still, you can just as easily incorporate your preferred artwork, branding, patterns, and embellishments on your custom EDC pocket knives. The knife smiths at Shieldon are well-equipped and experienced enough to recommend the best techniques and finishes to help achieve your desired pocket knife design.

To learn more about Shieldon ODM and OEM pocket knives, please visit: Shieldon.net/pocket-knives

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