While considering investment opportunities, the first challenge faced by every investor is the plethora of available options. From a variety of asset classes, fund houses, categories and instruments, it needs to be decided which one is best suited to the requirements. But if you are looking for generating wealth for your future at minimised risk, then DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund is the right choice.

As we know, a mutual fund allows investors to pool their monies and invest them in diversified sectors, schemes and companies, with proper management by professionals, DSPBR Micro Cap Fund has much more to offer to the investors. So let us know why investors should consider this plan for their investment portfolio:

  1. Beat Inflation: It is a known fact that mutual fund helps investors in generating better returns which are adjusted for inflation. The investors need not spend extra time to do analysis or research for finding the strategy for their portfolio, and the fund houses do the same for them. DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund investment also provides the same convenience to the investors. They can beat inflation and earn risk-adjusted returns on their portfolio with this scheme.
  2. Diversification: The funds of DSPBR Micro Cap are diversified in the best manner. It has invested the money in the fast-developing sectors which include chemicals, manufacturing, banking/finance, engineering, pharmaceuticals, and metals & mining industries. Moreover, the funds are invested in the stocks and shares of small and micro companies which are not among the top 300 companies.
  3. Low Cost: The cost of investment in this plan is quite low. There are no entry loads applicable to buy this fund for the portfolio. Moreover, the exit load of 1% is applicable only when the funds are redeemed or switched within 24 months of purchase. And as the scheme is aimed to provide long-term capital growth, and investors would be investing for the same purpose, they will not be required to bear such expenses.
  4. High Return Potential: The scheme has offered 99.6 percent absolute annual returns in the past and is offering 42.4, and 30.5 percent annualised returns in three- and five-year investment, the efficiency of the scheme can be analysed very well. Moreover, it is ranked ‘First’ under the ‘Small & Mid-Cap’ category by CRISIL for the quarter ended in September 2016. Hence, the scheme has the potential to generate great profits for the investors in the long run.
  5. Expertise: The funds of DSP Black Rock Micro Fund are managed by Vinit Sambre and Jay Kothari who are among the most experienced fund managers of DSP BlackRock Mutual Funds. They are managing the scheme since a long time and have ensured high yields on the same. They are highly professional in their domain, and hence the scheme is perfectly managed.

According to the parameters as specified above, you can conclude that investing the hard-earned monies in DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund will enshrine growth and earn better yields for your future. So, you too must take advantage of several benefits offered by this plan to give high worth to your capital.

While taking an investment decision, we get confused many a time. By reading this article it will become easier for you to select DSP BlackRock Micro Cap Fund for your portfolio.

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Dishika is planning for mutual fund investments since a long time and providing her services to many investors in association with MySIPonline.