Sweden is European Union’s 3rd largest country, a Scandinavian nation dotted with islands and inland lakes, forests and mountains. The country hosts royal palaces and museums and of course the will of Alfred Nobel- the Nobel Prize. Sweden is also famous for its creative and innovative education and there are many Swedish innovations that have had a dominant impact on the world such as; the pacemaker, the seat belt and the GPS. Sweden has a lot to offer to its students. Here are some of the reasons to Study in Sweden for an International student.

1. University and Program Options
Sweden is home to around 40 Universities and some of them feature prominently in global rankings such as: Stockholm University, Uppsala University, and Lund University. It is one of the pioneer European countries offering programs fully in English. There are 900 degrees to choose from for International students in English language. Although there is no education fee for EU/EEA citizens, other international students need to pay university fee which ranges from 9,000 to 17,000 USD.

2. High Quality Education promoting Creativity
The student-centric education system in Sweden emphasizes more on independent thinking and initiative on behalf of the student. Students are expected to contribute their ideas and present their thoughts in lectures, group discussions and seminars. Universities in Sweden offer programs which are a blend of study and practical training to ensure that a student has the relevant first-hand experience before he/she enters the professional domain. It is mostly owing to this that Sweden has acquired the reputation as a world leader in innovation.

3. Scholarships
There are a number of Swedish Scholarship programs that can be availed by International students. Some prominent examples include; The University of Gothenburg International Scholarships, Uppsala IPK Scholarships for International Students, Lund University Global Scholarship Program, etc. For students who wonder about How to Study in Sweden with extra financial help, this comes as a relief.

4. Jobs
Sweden is home to many dominant organizations that have now achieved global recognition, such as AstraZeneca, Volvo, IKEA, Skype, Tetra Pak, etc. These organizations are open to hire International audience with a proficiency in English. Students may have an opportunity of getting their dream job during the 6-month post study visa that is offered to them.

5. International student friendly life
Sweden has many perks that makes it an international student-friendly destination. In addition, ferries can also be taken up for transportation. Sweden also ranks among the top-countries in the world for non-native speakers. Almost 90% of its population can communicate in English. Sweden has a well-connected train system and overland buses. Sweden has a high standard of living and is a clean and safe country.

6. Part-time Work Opportunities
A highlighting feature of studying in Sweden is that you are allowed to work without any limit for work hours provided that you complete 40 hours per week for your academics.

7. Spouse and Children are Eligible for Dependent Visa
Sweden is an excellent study abroad destination for you if you are an International student aspiring to study abroad and would like to live with your spouse and children while on study visa abroad. You may apply for the visa application of your family- spouse and children as your dependents along with your study visa application

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There are lots of offer for students who wish to study in Sweden. Know the complete list of reasons why you should study in Sweden.