When you're looking for new toilet paper, you probably look at several things. First of all, many people pay attention to the price. This sounds logical, because you don't want to pay unnecessarily much for toilet paper. In addition to the price, comfort also plays a role. Nice pun! After all, the toilet paper should feel soft when using it and should not chafe. A choice is often made based on price and comfort. Yet we see that more and more people are also looking at the environment. That is why more and more sustainable toilet paper is being sold. We explain that sustainable, hip and affordable go together in this blog post.

Sustainable toilet paper is good for the climate

Trees have to be cut down to make paper. This is not only necessary for sheets of A4 paper, but also for toilet paper. Because toilet paper flies through it in many homes, new ones have to be bought regularly. The more of this paper used, the more trees one has to cut down. This is bad for the climate.

Recycled toilet paper

Do you choose sustainable toilet paper? Then you don't have to worry about this. For this toilet paper it is not necessary to cut down trees. Sustainable toilet paper is made from recycled paper. By choosing sustainable toilet paper, you therefore contribute to the climate. An additional advantage of this toilet paper is that it is made without chlorine, dyes and fragrances. Sustainable toilet paper is also a lot less harmful to the environment.

More and more possibilities

A second reason for the increasing popularity of sustainable toilet paper is that there are more and more possibilities in this area. A few years ago, many people were not (yet) concerned about the climate. This has changed in recent years. People are increasingly realizing that they can contribute in various ways. Using sustainable toilet paper is one such way.

Bamboo toilet paper

As more and more people opt for sustainable toilet paper, the number of options in this area has only grown. For example, nowadays you can not only choose toilet paper that is made from recycled paper. Buying bamboo toilet paper is also an option. Because bamboo is a type of grass that grows quickly, the ecological impact is less than with wood. In addition, bamboo filters CO2 from the air and generates oxygen. The earth therefore only benefits if more bamboo grows. Because this grass species is used more often and more often for the production of toilet paper, more must be planted.

The price is falling

Compared to the toilet paper from the supermarket, sustainable toilet paper is on the pricey side. However, the price of this toilet paper has continued to fall in recent years. This is mainly due to the increasing demand for sustainable toilet paper. And when there is more demand for a product, the price falls.

Hip touch on your bathroom and toilet

So don't wait any longer and switch to sustainable toilet paper today. The colorful collection of The Good Roll is not only 100% environmentally friendly, it also gives your toilet and bathroom a hip touch!


Going to the toilet is of course never really green: According to plumbers, 29% of the water we use is flushed down the toilet and on average we use more than one roll of toilet paper per household per week, 9,000 sheets per person per year. This collectively amounts to about 22,000 km per day. So there is quite a bit of sustainable profit to be made there.

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Misty Jhones