How do you know the private investigator you hire will do the job you require? In a world littered by litigation, insurance fraud, missing persons and infidelity, the P.I. has come into his/her own and has never been in greater demand. One private investigation tip sought by budding clients is..."what's better, hiring a major firm or sticking with a smaller one?"

Private Investigation Tip - Who Should You Hire?

It's not the intention of this article to steer you in either direction but to consider the advantages and disadvantages of both major and smaller firms. Each person will have their own individual requirements and budget when hiring a private investigation job.

Major firms will more than likely be based in large cities. Here's a few things to consider:

- Overheads. More staff and equipment to service.

- Geographical location. If you are living away from the firm's base consider the extra time, communication and traveling expenses required to service your case.

- Less experienced private investigators. This is by no means a disadvantage but consider new P.I.'s entering the field will more than likely aim to gain experience with a large and reputable firm which could mean you won't get the experience of a more seasoned private investigator working on your case.

Private Investigation Fact

The growth rate of the private investigation business is surpassing most other occupations. In fact, it's expected to be one of the largest growing industries over the next 10 years. This is as a result of an increased demand for P.I.'s because of more litigation and online fraud activities.

Considering Smaller Firms?

Smaller agencies are usually run and operated by experienced private investigators who have spent time with a larger firm and after several years, decided to go out on their own. They will know the ins and outs of the business and will have built up a handy bank of resources. A private investigation tip to consider is whether you want a rookie working on your case who despite their enthusiasm, won't usually have the established "street smarts" or would you prefer a private investigator with many years of experience?

Private Investigation Tip - It's A Decision Of Economics

Budget constraints may hamper your chances of even getting a major firm interested in your case. Given their client base will involve corporate accounts, which means you may not even get a say in whether they become interested in your case for economic reasons.

A sensible route to take would be to compare the services of both large and small firms and then weigh up the pros and cons between the two. If your case involves investigative work interstate then the larger firm with more resources to work with and stronger networking capabilities could be your best bet. However, if your case is localized, it makes more sense to opt for a smaller firm.

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