As motivational speakers and mentors, one of the most common questions we hear is, “How do I find my life’s purpose?” The answer is simply that we all have one unifying purpose. Our purpose is to teach each other and to protect each other. That’s it. From an evolutionary perspective, if we didn’t teach each other, we would never grow as a society. If we did not protect each other, we would all be killed off by circumstance, the elements, or each other. We are all called to do this: teach and protect.

In order to teach and protect one another, we have to love one another. And isn’t it convenient that we all have a built in basic human need to love and be loved? How cool is that!?

So with the understanding that we all have a purpose in life, and it is to teach and protect by loving one another, the question becomes which method will you use? Which path?

That’s why we built this series for you. We wanted you to have the tools to purposefully become all that you are intended to be. And its not about knowing all the right steps or having a crystal ball. Its just about setting the framework for the mark you intend to leave on this planet. We are so certain that you are engineered for greatness, we wanted to make sure you have a red flag here to go grow into that greatness on purpose.

Use this work you’ve done over the past month or so and apply it. Review it often and tweak it often. You’ll notice that even when your circumstances change, your priorities tend to stay firm. Your framework for what matters doesn’t change, even when how you go about it does.

This work is so important because your legacy lives on in every person you touch. That is why we did this series for you. That is why we continue the Heart & Sold series. That is why we teach what we teach and do what we do.

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With gratitude, honor, and yes….giant hugs,
Aly & Andrea

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