Many people get confused when facing an occasion of someone they love; they hesitate a lot before deciding which gift they must give. Some of them think that buying very expensive gifts will show how much they care for the person they are about to give the gift. Other still think that there is no better feeling representation than simplicity. As a tradition that has been going for centuries now, flowers are still considered as the best gifts that someone would ever give. Wonder why?

As our nature has hundreds of flower species of different sizes, colors, odors...etc, you won't find an occasion that doesn't have the right flowers for it. There are flowers for: birthday, funeral, wedding, graduation, Valentine's Day as well as for every occasion you're looking for. If you wonder why we, humans give flowers, check these out:

1- Charm: flowers have the capacity to charm people because of their look and smell. Because human beings are a part of nature, they like the feeling of freshness which nature offers. Also, science has proved that flower colors, shapes and fragrance leave a good impression and happy emotions to their recipient.

2- They represent a meaning: you know why most online companies which deliver flowers by mail apply a categorization to their flowers. It is because each type, color of flowers has a different meaning and occasion. I guess that you know what red roses are for!

3- Very simple: I know that our age is pushing us toward materialism, but people tend to like simple yet precious things, and flowers are no exception. I know that many people now like expensive things which they can make use of, these guys say that the tradition of giving flowers is out fashioned. Even if the life cycle of fresh cut flowers couldn't exceed 2 weeks, their emotional value will stay forever.

4- easy to get: in our age and with the technology developments we are seeing every day. Big flower companies moved their services online in order to make it very easy and affordable to choose whatever flower bouquet or gift you want, and get it sent to wherever place you want to.

So why do you think that the flower giving tradition has survived through time from the very early ancient days? If you think logically, it is because flowers has something which no other gift has.

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