Contrary to popular belief that elevator shoes are only luxury shoes meant for specific occasions, elevator shoes can actually be your everyday shoes that are ideal for your work. People working in industries that require constant walking and lifting of items need to invest in a few pairs of raised shoes in order to improve productivity at work.


Elevator shoes enhance safety to the wearer by providing a solid base for the wearer to stand on while lifting heavy objects off the ground. Height increasing shoes from are made using strong material such as leather, which gives the shoes a firm base that provides maximum support to the wearer. The shoes enhance safety by ensuring your body is properly aligned when engaging in lifting activities. Notably, GuidoMaggi has a wide array of elevator shoes including workman boots that are perfect for use on construction sites. In this case, the wearer will have maximum safety hence avert the possibility of injuries while working.

Proper Mobility

Height increasing shoes improve mobility of the feet, knees, ankles, and hips. The raised arch of the shoes provides an extra boost to the natural arch of the feet. The arches on feet are necessary for giving the wearer a spring to their step, which enhances proper walking and running postures. As such, the extra arch from the raised shoes increases the spring in your step, which enhances mobility in the other parts of the body such as the hips and ankles.

Proper mobility in the mentioned body parts allows the wearer of height increasing shoes to have enough power in their step to lift objects and maintain a certain position for a long time. Ideally, people who work in industries that require constant walking, such as waiters, will benefit from improved mobility since they are on their feet most of the day.


Comfort is a key component of productivity at work. Elevator shoes are made using soft yet sturdy material on the insoles and outer soles, which enhances comfort for the wearer. The firmness of the shoes provides a secure fit for the feet as they sit inside the shoes while the cushioning nature of the soft material provides a snug fit that hugs your feet like a cloud. Comfort is ideal for people in the service industry who are often on their feet as they work throughout the day. The comfort from the shoes will ensure that the wearer averts inflammation in their feet, knees, and hips due to standing for long periods.

Proper Posture

Have your knees ever buckled while lifting an object off the ground? The reason for this may be that you held an incorrect posture while lifting the object hence your knees gave in to pressure. For starters, the height increasing the design of elevator shoes gives you an added height from the onset, which means your body is a few inches off the ground while lifting objects. Next up, the thick insole and outer sole of the shoes give you proper posture hence putting you in the right position to pick up an item. Proper posture then provides you with enough power to lift the item and hold a certain position while transferring an object from one place to another.

Aside from lifting objects, it is important to maintain a straight posture at your workplace in order to enhance professionalism. Elevator shoes will raise your feet off the ground, provide comfort to your feet and ultimately force you to stand tall and square your shoulders in order to accentuate your professional upright look.

The luxury elevator is definitely ideal for fancy occasions but you can get a few pairs of ordinary sneakers, workman boots, and other shoes to help you boost productivity at work. Investing in elevator shoes is an investment for your work.

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