There are several aspects of “retirement” that reek of defeat, but let’s look at the biggest culprits. We believe that retirement comes during the last part of life. Right? Why do we believe this? Why do we compartmentalize ourselves like that? We have been socially manipulated into thinking that labor and leisure are separate events that happen at different stages of our lives. And so we have chopped life into three pieces. One, we go to school and learn a trade. Two, we work that trade for forty years, forty hours a week like a Hebrew slave chasing an imaginary finish-line called “age 65.” Three, if we have saved enough money and preserved our health adequately we can and should become satisfied with 24-hour fishing, golfing and senior discount coffee until we die. The End.

I didn’t want it. And to be quite frank with you, I don’t think that anyone else does either. We don’t want to spend two-thirds of our lives trying to become free one day or someday. We want to be free today! So, I revolutionized the meaning of retirement in my life. I decided that it meant something different, something promising, something hopeful, and something to partake of right now. I did this by integrating enjoyment and work into the overall meaning of my life! That in and of itself gave me a new freedom that made sense. I was then ready to do my life’s work! This leads me to the second largest myth of retirement that bind us. People belief that retirement means you don’t work.

Not working is a delusional premise that limits our creativity. Retirement doesn’t mean that you don’t work. The truth of the matter is, we need to work. Work keeps us involved in the circulation of life; it keeps us healthy and spirited. We must be used in order to live. Simply doing nothing actually cuts us off from vitality. Study after study has demonstrated that one of the best methods for combating Alzheimer’s Disease is by keeping the mind active. Permanent rest and relaxation is actually unnatural. Our bodies and brains were designed to move, work, and serve. Contribution and devotion helps us identify ourselves. Without occupation of some kind, we lose the central organizing principles of our lives. This jeopardizes our entire motive to live. Besides that, we want to work. The only reason people are obsessed with quitting is because either they hate what they are doing or they simply want to do something else. Even when we return from vacation, we always want to come back to something worthwhile that will give our lives the balance needed to call ourselves complete.

Retirement is when you move into your own sense of fullness and purpose. It is doing something that imprints your time here and says that you didn’t wait for any certain age to live meaningfully. It is when you comprehensively pursue happiness with your whole life. It means that you have incorporated and planned everything -- spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially—from a holistic perspective. I stake my claim to freedom because I get to help people realize and maximize their potential. Speaking all over the world and creating motivational tools is simply a natural extension of my personality. This is my retirement. What is your passion? What is the manifestation and expression of your truest joy? Find this my friend, and you too will be retired instantly and will experience a freedom beyond anything else you have ever imagined.

Asha Tyson, Life Strategist
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How I Retired at 26!
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