The pendulum is swinging from a yang way of doing business to yin. The recent implosion of our standard operating procedure for doing business in the world is marking a major transition in the psyche of all humans as we redefine our relationship with “business as usual.”

The word “recession” has the media’s talking heads, economists and government officials implying that this economic downturn is akin to previous national recessions that have basically self-corrected within short order.

This downturn is different. This is not a simple bump in the road that requires a little navigational correction to put us back on track. This is the end of a road that has been paved with greed and corruption, monopoly, competition, and even fear.

We are in a transition on a global basis that is occurring not within economic systems, but within human beings themselves. Our current economists and elected officials are not the ones to “fix” this so-called recession. You can’t continue to do the same things to fix the economy that broke it in the first place. The business concepts and practices of the 19th and 20th centuries no longer apply to 21st century awareness, needs and most importantly, relationships.

I’m speaking about all relationships. As business owners and service providers we have a direct relationship with our clients, as well as relationships with our families, our friends, our community and the world; but, most importantly, our relationship with ourselves.

I believe right now as we move through this historical economic transition, it’s the Divine Feminine energy that needs our support - needs us to step into a powerful, provocative, prosperous new power, one based on authenticity and transparency in all our relationships.

Yes, men also need to embody (and are embodying) this shift toward creative relationship-based businesses and communication. However, at this particular moment in time, it’s women who need the greater support and encouragement to step into a more active role in facilitating this economic transition toward a more spiritual, relationship-based business model.

It’s time for women to embrace their own higher spiritual self, their physical and emotional intuition and their creative mental capabilities. When all of these aspects are integrated and aligned, you are then living a life fully expressed, fully in the present. Then you become a clear conduit of divine inspiration from a foundation of always being able to say “Yes” to yourself.

As more and more women begin saying “Yes” to themselves and what serves them spiritually, physically and mentally, the shift toward relationship value-based business will blossom at an exponential rate—literally around the world!

I personally struggled with whether or not to create my particular programs for women only. I love men! I also want for them what I want for all of us—a prosperous, peaceful professional and personal life. What has become clear to me, however, is that it is the Divine Feminine energy stirring up the winds of change, and women (in general) are the ones with the innate talent and intuition to guide, to navigate these winds to the shores of a more compassionate relationship value-based economy.

This is the opportunity to combine our yin/feminine goddess energy with the yang/male commerce, entrepreneurial energy— and truly transform business as we’ve always known it.

We are entering a new world order. We are entering a new age of spiritual, social and economic awareness that is based on collaboration, sharing our knowledge and resources, and honoring the talents and gifts inherent in each and every soul we encounter.

If this is resonating with you, then you my friend, (female or not) are a Pioneer of Conscious Evolution. It is my passion and my mission to help women entrepreneurs clearly define and fully step into the Next Highest Version of Who You Really Are!

Your business, your work, how you show up in the world—your brand— is an expression of your soul. If it’s not an expression of who you really are, or if it’s not being recognized by others, or worse, by you, then you are denying your own brilliance—the genius within that keeps pulling you forward.

Now, as a woman myself, I reserve the right to change my mind and possibly open up future programs to include the male soul-o-preneurs as well. Perhaps even partner with other like-minded gentlemen who would want to facilitate this entrepreneurial economic shift specifically for men. But for today, I am here 100% fully present to support each of you to reveal and embrace the Next Highest Version of Your Business!

Author's Bio: 

Schelli Whitehouse has a master’s degree in OCO (over-coming-obstacles) from the esteemed School of Hard Knocks, Planet Earth. She is an expert at helping others to step into the next highest version of who they really are as well as a pioneer of conscious evolution for the soul-o-preneur. Schelli’s specialty is in revealing the unique expression of your authentic purpose through Branding with Archetypes™ (in person or virtual) as well as in person workshops and retreats incorporating the transformational assistance of horses! (Certifications: PCC, Money, Marketing & Soul™, EAGALA, Equine Alchemy, Parelli (Liberty & Horse Behavior)