You’ve probably been in the health food stores a time or two, or have heard about your friends taking protein supplements, drinking protein shakes, and protein bars- if so you have probably wondered, will protein supplementation help me lose weight? Getting enough protein in your diet is by far one of the most important aspects of a diet plan to lose weight and have lasting results. However, having said that, there is no reason why you should need to supplement protein in your diet when nature gives you so many healthy, lean and organic options.

Why there is No Such Thing as a Healthy Protein Power in the Diet Solution

The Diet Solution is all about solving your battle with dieting. And with that solution we offer the truth about protein supplementation. No longer will you or should you have to down chalky protein shakes in order to maintain muscle mass, because not only do protein powders contain numerous artificial ingredients that are heavily processed, but they can not keep your metabolism burning and utilizing protein like a good old fashioned chicken breast of lean cut of grass fed pork can.

Not only are protein shakes and powders inconsequential when it comes to comparing them to whole protein sources, they are also not friendly to weight loss. Most of them are very high in calories and can actually cause you to gain weight if you are drinking them more often than your body needs. Calorie dense concoctions will never be the way to lose weight. Instead invest in lower calorie options like meats, poultry, fish, and raw nuts.

Protein Bars: Are They Better than Shakes and Good Options for Healthy Meal Plans?

Protein bars are not any better for the body and in fact can actually add to weight gain as well, because they contain preservatives and soy proteins. Soy protein is very harmful to your body and has been shown to increase overall weight gain. And like protein shakes, protein bars also contain high amounts of calories and sugar, making them a false source of energy that will spike your blood sugar leaving you lethargic and jittery. For a more sustainable protein choice, choose something like flank steak.

However, if you are a busy persona and don’t have time to marinate flank steak or break out the chicken breast for an afternoon grill session, then you may be thinking the protein bars are better than nothing. Right? Actually, the answer is no. If you are concerned about foods high in protein that need to be transportable there are much better alternatives than a bar. It is true that protein bars are easy to stick in your purse and to have when hunger strikes or when on the road, but there are many other clean snack foods that can give you just enough healthy proteins and keep you satiated even longer. Consider putting raw nuts and fresh fruits in your purse or in a cooler to take with you.

A little extra planning can mean the difference between your best body ever and a continued unsuccessful cycle with your weight loss. We live in an age where we want immediate results for everything. This goes for our protein intake as well. However, if it takes just a few minutes longer to prepare a natural, healthy protein-packed snack or meal, and that small difference is necessary to truly transform your diet, your body an ultimately, your life.

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