Women Cheat Up? – Men Cheat Down¿ is an absolutely wonderful book, and is good read for any adult, in a time of increasingly infidelity and cheating in so many relationships today. In order to safeguard your relationship, you need to know why people cheat, and how to discourage it. In simple, elegant adult language, it describes the incredibly important role of our beliefs in controlling our physical and mental thinking, help with the daunting misconception of relationships, and tells us the important steps for taking back control of our lives before and/or after a breakup.
Drawing upon research demonstrating that the mind is designed to get us exactly what we ask for. The Author shows us how we often make unconscious agreements and expectations with ourselves all to be disappointed, and how we can break those disappointing agreements and unrealistic expectations forever!

The concept presented in Women Cheat Up? – Men Cheat Down¿ may be used as a guide and a resource as one attempts to successfully work through relationship issues. The real work, the real challenge begins with the frustration period. This is the period prior to the building of resentments where agreements and commitments must be made. Communication is so very important at this point. Here is where fear creates denial but courage creates acceptance, resulting in understanding and negotiation, if necessary. I would have to say if you really want to know why a man cheats. Please read the book by Lewisa Denise Thomas entitled Women Cheat Up? – Men Cheat Down¿ It will open your eyes for sure. http://ldtbooks.yolasite.com/

Author's Bio: 

Lewisa is an intuitive Spiritual Counselor. Specializing in all matters of the heart. Being on a spiritual path for many years, studying various philosophies and teachings, she is faced daily with the ultimate lesson of putting into practice everything she has lived, believed in and preached… in other words, walking her talk. This means that the privilege of service to others is filled with golden opportunities, even if there is discomfort and inconvenience, to become a better person.