We all know for a fact how women love their shoes and they would do anything for a new pair of shoes. Gone are the days when female sports shoes were made a size smaller than men’s shoes.  With more awareness about biomechanics and anatomy, manufacturers are now getting smarter about designing women's shoes.

Canvas lace up shoes for womens are something that lend comfort to our feet.  These are made keeping in mind certain attributes like the body mass percentage, female feet anatomy, biomechanics and of course the ovulation cycle of women. Strange isn’t it! But it is true, many of the sports shoes also are designed for these reasons.  The female feet anatomy varies from men. The ankle is narrower towards the front of the foot as compared to the men.  Women generally have a narrow ankle and hence when shoes are designed, this feature has to be kept in mind and the shoes accordingly need to be designed.

When we speak of different varieties of sports shoes, Canvas sports shoes are lighter in weight. Canvas is a material that is generally used in crafting tents, canvas and sails.  It is made of hemp and it is a perfect material for designing sneakers, casual shoes and so on. You have the choice to choose from either a high end or a low top style.  The only negative of a canvas shoe is that it may not extend the right support for heavy activities like aerobics, gym training, tennis, running and so on.

Also, they are low maintenance shoes and you just need to have a spray and wipe them off. Stains on canvas shoes can be easily cleaned and they could even be tossed in the washer along with your clothes. This is how simple it could get. Damp mud stains on canvas shoes can be cleaned with a moist cloth and some soap solution.

You may want to go in for Anti Odor Lightweight Canvas which is available in the market.  If you are one of those who sweat a lot, then definitely this needs to be a part of your accessory.

Women’s feet are narrower as compared to men.  Care should be taken when buying womens shoes.  It is not about buying smaller shoes but the right pair which is perfect for the width of your feet.  The body mass of women is lower as compared to a man.  A man and a woman may have the same shoe size, but the body mass of the female will be definitely lower as compared to a man.  In that case. The midsole firmness needs to be adjusted so as to accommodate the lower weight. The right shock compression is important so that the weight is perfectly distributed on the feet. Less weight implies a soft midsole and female shoes need to be more flexible and hence they are designed to have deep flex channels.

Do your research well and settle for the best possible deal without compromising on the comfort factor.

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