Men have little control over whether or not their women step out on them - it's their perception of the state of the relationship, and not the reality, that motivates them. Your qualities as a companion - as a lover - are immaterial. If a women decides that her relationship is less than complete, she'll start scouting about to find someone with whom she can have that perfect relationship. Because she's already decided that the reason for her cheating is something you've neglected to do, she'll easily be able to blame her cheating on you.

Women in relationships want to be reminded that they're in a relationship. They want to feel cherished all the time, and they want their men to talk with them. When this need isn't satisfied, they'll claim that an emotional distance has grown and that the relationship is suffering as a result. Women have many needs, and they're complex. They need to have a sense of belonging in a relationship, and that need is met by a man's actions and words. If a woman isn't made to feel beautiful and valuable, and a real partner in a relationship, she'll blame the man, regardless of why she really isn't feeling those things. Without the emotional closeness, the relationship's on rocky ground, and a woman is often likely to step out in search of a new man.

Women will betray their men if they feel neglected. Now, "neglect" is difficult to define generally, because what's neglect for one woman is personal space to another. Women must be free to grow, and a man who's always there actually prevents that. It's something that'll only be figured out over time as the relationship grows, but if a woman feels ignored, she's likely to seek a man who'll pay more attention to her.

Self-esteem isn't just something we want to instill in our children - we all need it. Women in a relationship need to have their self-esteem strengthened by their men. The conclusion here is starkly simple - if a man won't say and do the things necessary to bolster his woman's self-esteem, she's going to find someone who will, even if by all standards her man's actions were sufficient. Her self-esteem will be get the reinforcement it needs from another man, she'll think, because she feels she's no longer getting that in her relationship - regardless of what her man's actually doing. If a woman isn't feeling good about herself, no matter what you've done to boost her self-esteem, there's a good chance she'll determine that your efforts are insufficient and start looking for someone who can make her feel better about herself.

The fourth reason a woman is likely to cheat is that the relationship's really already over in all but name, and she's already looking for her next partner. The woman who does this is particularly immature, because she needs the uninterrupted sense of being in a relationship as opposed to being on her own, strong, independent and in charge of her own life. A woman who stays in a relationship for the emotional (and financial) security, rather than honestly ending it and establishing herself as a single woman on her own, isn't going to solve any problems by darting from one relationship to another.

No matter why your woman cheats on you, the prospects for a long and enduring relationship together were dim. How can a man continue to love a woman who regards him so lightly she'll betray him?Any woman who comes to the conclusion that she's not getting what she needs from you, and that she's thus justified in cheating on you, doesn't deserve to be with you in the first place.

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