Having gained worldwide recognition as a trust-worthy third-party testing organization, T,C&A Lab, a branch of Alfa Chemistry, recently announces to start to provide wood testing, which is easy, fast and efficient, for customers who need to make sure their wood raw materials, components or finished products are safe, of high quality and in compliance of ISO, ASTM standards and industry requirements.

Wood is an important construction and furniture materials whose quality will determine whether a product made from wood will meet the quality standards. “Having a comprehensive and reliable wood inspection report is very important. For sales people, the third-party test report data will prove the authenticity of wood so that customers can trust the quality of their products. For researchers, they need a thorough report on wood for new product design. With a contrast testing, product quality can be improved and production cost can be reduced,” says one of the senior scientists from T,C&A Lab.

Upon the unique requirements of each client, wood testing is conducted under the guidance of a wide range of standards such as ASTM D143, ASTM D198, ASTM D1037, ASTM D1761, ISO 3132, ISO 3131, ISO 3129, ISO 9086, ISO 3348, ISO 12460, ISO 12460, ISO 12460, ISO 27769.

The wood testing services provided by T,C&A Lab include but are not limited to:

Identification Service, which includes: tree species identification, material identification, and year identification.

Mechanical Performance Testing Items: Bending elastic modulus, shear strength, tensile strength, impact toughness, splitting resistance, and bending strength are all tested.

Physical Performance Testing Items: Density, hardness, water content, water absorption, dry shrinkage, swelling, durability, and corrosion resistance are all tested.

Combustion Performance: In this step, ignitability (ignition, oxygen index), flame propagation, carbonization length, heat release, and smoke are all analyzed and tested.

Biological Performance: In this step, discoloration, stability (cracking/deformation), wood durability (anti-corrosion performance), wood mildew resistance are all analyzed and tested.

Toxic and Hazardous Substance Testing Items: In this step, formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, benzene, toluene and xylene, toluene diisocyanate, heavy metals (lead, mercury, cadmium, chromium, arsenic) are all analyzed and tested.

Visit https://tcalab.alfa-chemistry.com/industries/wood-testing.html to learn more about T,C&A Lab’s wood testing as well as other material testing services or contact us to discuss tailor-made services that you may need.

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With accumulated experience on material testing, T,C&A Lab is an independent lab that provides quality and custom testing, characterization and analysis for a variety of materials, including but are not limited to rubber, plastic, textile, metal, ceramic, glass, coating, wood, building material, automotive component, electronic, paper and cardboard, cosmetic, packaging, medical device, pharmaceutical, nanomaterial, nonwoven material, resin, leather, ink, adhesives and surfactant. The lab serves many industries. It is skillful in not only analytical testing services, but also in testing data interpretation and simulation with the use of advanced data analysis techniques.