You'll hear all kinds of words of encouragement after a breakup. What you choose to do with them is completely up to you. It's a good idea if you take them to heart and appreciate them in the spirit they were given: out of love for you.

Breakups aren't easy for anyone. Whether you were on the giving or receiving end of the jilting you know it's not an easy thing to do or experience. That being said there are things that can make it easier to endure. One of those things is an excellent system of support. Be it from friends, coworkers, or family members your support system has probably shared some words of wisdom that may have felt more like bitter pills to swallow.

Here are a few new ways to look at some of the old favorite words of encouragement after a breakup:

1) "When God closes a door; He opens a window." Whichever deity your worship or avoid worshipping as the case may be this is an old statement that is believed to bring comfort. You have two choices in this situation. Take comfort from the message as intended or draw amusement from the mental image of taking your ex (or the new love interest in the life of your ex) and shoving him or her through said window. It may be perverse pleasure but the thought can be impressively comforting in your moment of distress.

2) "There are plenty more fish in the sea." This is a personal favorite living in the land of deep fat fried food. Fried catfish is a favorite in these parts. Smile politely when you hear this particularly encouraging favorite and picture your ex packing on 50 or so pounds from eating all those fish. Yes it's a little black but it's so much more fun than the thought of putting your heart out there to get crushed again. At least for the moment.

3) "Get back on the horse and try again." You might take a little bit of unnatural glee in thoughts of taking said horse and running down your ex with it.

You see, words of encouragement after a breakup have some use after all. They are great for a little dark levity and maybe even a smile in your time of great pain.

Note: this article does not condone actually throwing your ex (or the person your ex is currently dating) out of a window or running him or her down on a horse. It's about finding levity and perverse amusement in the same old platitudes that well meaning friends and family are all too willing to share during your time of pain.

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