Work on your inner world for greater success in love and life.

If you want to achieve success in life whether it be in your relationships, health or finances - you must establish a solid foundation on which to build on - working on your internal world from ‘the inside out’ addresses self-imposed obstacles stopping you from reaching your full potential in the external world. Taking care of the fundamentals - creates a solid foundation on which to build on; withstanding the test and challenges of time.

With my ‘Love Connect Coaching’ people seek help to make them feel loved so they can create more love in their lives and have deeper connections and loving relationships with their partners. Yet under analysis their words and actions belie the fact that they don’t feel worthy or deserving of love and worse that they don’t actually believe there current ‘unloving’ situation will change. This belief whether you are consciously aware of it or not often repels love and deep connection and strategies to fix their situation will not last. If you want love in your life you must first accept you are worthy and also deserve it setting the wheels in motion to allow love to grow.

Let me explain. I’ve learned from the past 10 years of immersing myself in personal and business development courses, from colleagues and trainers in the life and business coaching industry and my clients is that all the action taking and the strategies under the sun may not make you successful. Or worse you may achieve significant things but you won’t feel successful so you continue with the striving and actioning.

The reason for this is that we often throw ourselves into all of the ‘doing’ and forget to check ‘within’ - first of all to ensure our mindset is onboard and really is part of ‘the plan’, secondly, what you want is ‘congruent’ with who you are born to be, and thirdly - that out hearts, mind and soul are in ‘alignment‘

It is critical to understand the connection between our inner and external world and why many people armed with all the information and strategies seem to be working harder in their lives and still not getting the results they want or need. For external success you need your internal world to be sorted out.

Part 2 of this article will take a closer look at these 3 areas; mindset, congruency and alignment to ensure your success in love and life.

Author's Bio: 

For 20 years Terai has learned from and studied leaders in the field of personal-development, spirituality and finance. Initially for her own personal growth to gain clarity of how life and abundance works, ‘life’, love, connecting and later acquiring the tools and techniques to assist others in their own personal transformation which she applies in the areas of Love, Connection and Relationships.

Terai is a Master Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Re-patterning techniques, a certified Results Acceleration Master Coach & Performance Consultant, Heart Resonance Energy and Energy Alignment practitioner. Born in the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Islands of Polynesia; alternative healing and natural medicines, connection with spirit and the wisdom of the ancients is in Terai's DNA.