When doing Angel Readings for clients, the most common question I am asked is - do I have angels? The answer is always, yes. Then, clients often ask me, why can’t I feel/hear/see them? The simple answer is, because you do not allow it.

If this is true for you, please do not judge yourself. Our world does not make it easy to see beings from other realms. Our busy over stimulated lives are simply not conducive to noticing things like angels or fairies or ancestors hanging out to offer assistance. And if we do slow down enough to open to these delightful beings, we doubt and tend to dismiss what we experience. We have been taught that such experiences are figments of our imagination. They are not real, we are told. And so we move through life isolating ourselves from them.

Yet, a part of us knows that they do exist. That’s why we ask, “Do I have angels”? We remember them from our childhood, before we learned they weren’t real. We miss them. We may even feel alone without them. And every once in a while, when we’re feeling low or vulnerable, that part of us that believes reaches out to them and asks for help. But soon we feel better and get on with our lives. (It may be that we feel better because our angels and other helpful beings have acted on our behalf.)

As a child I worked with angels daily. As I grew up I left them – at least I didn’t connect with them in a conscious way. I never told myself they don’t exist; I just stopped talking to them. Years later I discovered my psychic gifts and began channeling a group of wisdom teachers, the Teachers of the Way of Song. Then, one day when I was in Ohio on a 9-month sabbatical, I felt a very strong presence in my room. I tuned in and asked who was there.

Archangel Uriel came and identified himself. I was confused at his presence and I’m afraid I was a little rude. I told him I didn’t work with angels. He simply replied, “Never the less, here I am.” He was indeed. His presence filled the room. Still, somehow, I doubted my experience. Mostly, I wasn’t prepared for the visit. He stayed with me for 3 days until finally, I asked him what he wanted from me.

He told me the angels wished to work with me. He explained that the Teachers I was working with were wonderful. And yet, many people who needed assistance would have trouble connecting with the Teachers. Angels were more familiar to them. He shared with me how often people would say or think, “I wish angels were real and that I could ask mine for help.”

As Archangel Uriel and I got to know one another, other angels came to join us. They spoke to me of the great need for guidance and connection that so many experienced. And with great sadness, they told me that the angels not only wanted to help; it was their very purpose. We are the great underemployed, they joked. But I felt their hearts breaking.

Over the next few weeks they taught me a great deal. They showed me how best to work with them. They introduced me to the guidelines that they worked under. They explained how angels worked with humans. Together we created a pattern for working to help people. One of the things they asked me to do was to educate people about angels. Here are a few of the things they asked me to pass along.

We all have angels. However, sometimes the angels who are with us change. We have at least one angel that is with us for life. This we call our guardian angel. At certain times in our lives other angels may come to assist us through a project or a difficult transition. We all have access to the archangels at any time.

Angels cannot interfere in our lives. They can nudge us. They can put things in our path for us to notice. But they cannot simply step in and do things for us – UNLESS WE ASK THEM TO HELP US. Once we ask for help, they can move mountains for us. They are waiting for us to ask them for help. And they will always give it. It’s important to note however, that we can still ignore, refuse or deny the help they bring to us. Also, they will not do for us the things we can do for ourselves.

Sometimes we ask for their help without really knowing what we’re doing. It might be in those moments when we shout to the air, “I need help, somebody help me”. They rejoice in offering immediate assistance.

Whether we ask consciously or without realizing we’re asking, the help will come. It may not, however, look like what we expect. The angels will always act in a way that will serve our highest purpose. The truth is that sometimes we are served best through challenges and suffering. But the angels will not leave us to suffer alone. They will be there to offer comfort and guidance. And they will be there when we celebrate the victory of overcoming our challenges. They wish to be intimate allies in our lives.

If you wish to find out more about angels, Doreen Virtue is a wonderful resource. She has written many books about angels and other ascended masters. You can also, of course, simply start having conversations with your angels. Welcome them into your life. Ask for their help.

Author's Bio: 

Coleen Renee is a psychic and intuitive Healer working with clients across the country via phone or in person. She has worked intimately with the angels for over 5 years. Through her, the angels offer healing energies, guidance, comfort and joy to clients. Coleen helps clients connect with their angels (and other helpful beings) and learn to communicate and work with them. You can find out more about her work by visiting www.ColeenRenee.com and going to the Angels page.