Coleen Renee is a psychic and intuitive Healer working with clients across the country via phone or in person. She has worked intimately with the angels for over 5 years. Angels are joyful light beings with a desire to help us in our lives. We all have at least one angel that is with us throughout our life. We also have access to the realm of angels and the specific guidance they have as individuals. So how do we develop our relationship with them?

In some ways developing a relationship with our angel(s) is not that different from developing a relationship with a person we meet and find interesting. Consider what you would do if you wanted to get to know a person better. You’d invite them to coffee or a play date. Then you would make arrangements to meet again. You would listen to them and allow yourself to discover who they are, what they might be interested in, how you might share things. Do this with your angels.

OK, yes – it’s also a bit different than connecting with a person. We generally find it difficult to connect with something we can’t touch, see or maybe hear directly. Yet, we do this everyday on the Internet. Through the screen we see what the person or organization wants us to see. Through their written word, we cannot hear their intonation, the emphasis they place on words, their hesitations or their passions. We can only touch them through the keyboard. And yet through chat rooms and emailing we can potentially form deep, long-lasting relationships through this medium.

You might remember when you first began connecting with people via the Internet – or phone texting – how awkward it seemed. Yet, so many of us carry on our social life through IM-ing, texting and emailing. It is not the same as having a face to face relationship, yet we do it.

Connecting with non-corporal beings carries some of the same challenges initially. We have to learn to connect in different ways. First it is very helpful if you can let go of any doubts about your ability to communicate with them. Doing this allows you to look for the ways in which you are receiving communication.

Remember to look for new ways of communicating. Angels may announce their presence through a feeling, a scent, an idea or thought. Some angels are more likely to simply reveal themselves through work on your behalf. It’s rather like electricity. We don’t see it, but we know it is there because the light bulb is shining. We trust the end result without needing to see or feel or hear how it got there.

The truth is you do not need to be able to hear, see or touch your angels in order to have a relationship. However, you need to be heard by them in order for them to truly work actively on your behalf. So do what’s comfortable for you in your communication. Get down on your knees and say a prayer, or make tea and have an informal conversation, or take a walk and speak your desires to the angels that are walking with you.

Trust that the only way the relationship between you and your angels can be one-sided is if you do not reach out to them. They are always there for you. They are always ready and willing to share their loving presence in your life. Ask them for what you need.

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Coleen Renee is a psychic and intuitive Healer working with clients across the country via phone or in person. She has worked intimately with the angels for over 5 years. Through her, the angels offer healing energies, guidance, comfort and joy to clients. Coleen helps clients connect with their angels (and other helpful beings) and learn to communicate and work with them. You can find out more about her work and make an appointment by visiting