Workout Plan

When we want to determine what kind of workout plan we like to benefit from,we have to take into account firstly, what we like to achieve with the exercises.
Secondly, what the benefits are for you from this type of exercise plan.

Any exercise plan should contain warming up exercises.
It's important to get your body warmed up to get ready to lift, when you do weight-bearing exercises. Particularly, when you are middle aged.
The more you warm up, the better your training sessions
will go.
You'll start with simple range-of-motion exercises and move on to faster movements that will wake up your muscles and nervous system.

For many people, the aim is to loose weight. Aerobics exercises, by which you work up some sweat, get your heart to beat faster and your breathing harder, is in particularly suitable if you want to loose weight.

Also endurance exercises are good if you want to loose weight and to keep it off. They are usually part of an exercise plan that contains weight-bearing exercises.

Any exercise plan has one thing in common: they all will help you to improve your overall health and fitness level.
Whether you do aerobics, weight lifting, jogging, running, swimming, cycling,athletics or just plain walking. Walking has many health benefits.

Even a moderate walk as exercise starts a chain reaction, and as a start it causes the skeleton muscles to become
more active.

Most exercise programs in gyms and health clubs are wrong.
So is running on streets with polluted air and subjecting your body to the stress of running, does much more harm
than good.
The aim of a workout plan is to maximize every part of the adaptive process while avoiding the point at which being over-tired does more harm than good.
If you are new to training or follow a structured plan for the first time, you are almost guaranteed to make fast progress.
You just have to constantly follow the directions. It will feel like hard work and it will certainly take you out of your comfort zone.
But in a month or two you will be able to do so much more
so that the starting level workouts will seem like child's play.
On the other hand, when you have a solid base of strength and conditioning,and you like to work out and you are pretty good at it, then you have to push yourself to improve on that, starting with the first training session.
But no matter at what level you are now, you only make as much progress as your efforts allow. Your muscles don't get stronger without using progressively heavier weights. You don't loose fat unless you use more energy than what you're doing now.
Remember this: the shape you're in now is the result of everything you have done in the past. If you want to achieve something new, you have to do something different.
"Success is not for the timid. It is for those who seek guidance, make decisions, and take decisive action." "If you want to do something,just do it."

I like to recommend a workout plan that contains aerobics, weight-bearing exercises and nutrition.

Author's Bio: 

In 2008 became an associate with a nutritional supplement manufacturer.
From that time on, I became more aware of the advantages of healthy living and a healthy life style.
I heard about the bad eating habits of many Americans, which causes obesity, overweight and degenerative diseases.

In 2009 I created my own website and blog and called it “Nutrobalance”,
which means: balanced nutrition. Also when I worked for this Nutritional Supplement Company, I became aware of the importance of good nutrition.
I learned that it is true when they say:”You are what you eat.”
And you can add at least 10 more years to your life by eating the right way and taking regular exercise.

When I moved to Australia in 1971 I gave up smoking and started swimming in the ocean every morning, and played tennis quite regularly.
In my later years I started practising yoga and also since 2014 I started weight lifting, which is good for the bone structure. I really feel at least 10 years younger.

Why I like to help people
I like to help people with weight management, to improve their health and to create more awareness of the importance of a healthy life style.

The goal of my site is to provide the tools and the knowledge to maintain a healthy body by supplying the right exercises for aerobics and weight bearing exercises,
which are both important to maintain a healthy weight.
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