W.R.O stands for World Robot Olympiad. World robot Olympiad is an international level robotic competition. It invites the kids between the ages of seven (7) and nineteen (19). It is an event which brings together the people from different countries together. World robot Olympiad helps kids not only to improve their creativity and problem solving skills but also to share their cultures and make new friends. It is an event for science and technology education. Invitation to school teams are there, in which each team may consist of minimum two (2) students and maximum three (3) students. This competition is held each and every year. And every year different challenges for the kids are being formulated.

According to the specified problem statements kids have to design, build, and program their robots. The competition starts from the regional rounds held in the particular participating countries and teams which qualify the regional rounds have to fight for qualifying the competition held at national level. And finally the teams which qualify the national round get a chance to participate in international competition.

The World robotic Olympiad held the competitions in three different levels according to the age level. Elementary category is one of the constituted levels. The candidates participating in this category should be less than thirteen (13) years of age in the year of competition. Each year different problem statements are being formulated and the challenges are always based on some particular themes. This article is dedicated to provide the knowledge or details regarding world robot Olympiad 2013 elementary level.

This years’ theme for the robotic competition for the elementary level is “BATIK”. Batik is a traditional and the most developed cloth of Indonesia. The word Batik is derived from the word “ambatik” which means a cloth with little dots and the suffix “tik” means little dot, drop, point or to make little dots. It is traditionally made using manual wax dyeing technique. It is properly used for clothing the human body. Along with that it has many other usages like for furnishing fabrics, heavy canvas wall hangings, table cloths and household accessories. The existence and use of batik is from 12th century.

Robot Game Challenge: As discussed above that this years’ theme is batik. The robot game challenge requires the participants to design, build and program the robot in such a way that the robot has to complete the specified task in designated time i.e in two minutes. The robot has to start from the start area and is supposed to traverse the whole arena by completing the task along the way before reaching the finish area. Coming to the task detailing, the robot has to begin from the start area. In the start area robot has to carry 5 colored objects for challenge. The colored objects are of three different colors namely red, green and blue. The robot has to start from the base area which is green in color. Along the way the robot has to place the colored objects sequentially in their respective colored bins. The position of the colored bins may be changed, for example the sequence for the colored bins may be like red, blue and green or in blue, green and red or in any other pattern. After putting the colored objects in the correct order, the robot is supposed to move towards the finish area. Along the way, there is a cylinder zone in which a cylinder will be placed. The robot is to grab the particular cylinder and place it in the storage area completely and then enter into the finish zone A or finish area B.

Before the robot game, the participants have to build the robot there only. Scoring is based on the different criteria’s right from placing the colored objects in their respective colored bins and the position in keeping the cylinder. Placing a colored object into the particular bin carries 10 points each. All colored objects placed in a correct sequence have 1o points. Moving the cylinder into the storage area completely in vertical position holds 10 points and if kept in horizontal position then it carries 5 points. Multiple programs can be downloaded in the brick. Once the robot game starts no further human input is allowed else it will lead to the disqualifying of the team.

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