Learning how to write captivating article titles is one of the best ways to get people to read what you have written. When writing articles it is normal to focus all your time and energy on the content thereby giving your title less attention than it deserves.

Now there is no doubt that the content of your article is important, it is the 'meat and potatoes' by which you will ultimately be judged. But what good is all that effort if no one evens reads it?

Look you want to write popular articles right, well in order for them to be popular they must first be read. Topping your content off with catchy titles is like the icing on the cake. This is what will attract attention and get your articles read.

Here are 3 different ideas or templates you can use to develop the catchy titles you need to get more of your articles read.

Teaching or Instructive

Composing an article title that 'promises' to teach the reader something caters to the insatiable attitude of 'what is in it for me' that most people tend to have.

Writing a 'How to' type title normally captures the attention of anyone with even a remote interest in that subject. What you are actually doing with a title like this is assuring readers upfront that will come away from your article with a new found knowledge or insight.


Drawing the reader into your article by using an article title that immediately engages them is great approach. Asking questions of the readers in your title is very effective at getting readers attention and also their involvement.

Developing titles in this way also tends to attract the more 'targeted' reader to your articles. For instance if you ask "How Would You Like to Learn to Fiddle in Just 30 Minutes?" you will obviously attract only those with that particular interest.

By posing questions or making statements that get people thinking you will arouse their curiosity compelling them to read further into the article itself.

Using Your Primary Keyword

Taking your primary keyword and placing it into your title helps to emphasis exactly what the main theme of your article is. This makes it easier for readers who are 'scanning' titles for content like yours to notice your article. Of course it still helps to word the title in an intriguing fashion but there is yet another huge advantage to this approach. By using this keyword in the title of your article you are also making it much easier for search engines to find your content. The search engines will than display your article higher in their results thereby increasing your traffic.

Your article titles are crucial in attracting the attention of readers. It is common for most anybody who invests the time and effort in writing articles to overlook or de-emphasize their article title. The feeling is that who needs catchy titles with all the great content you just wrote. Well great content is important and a requirement for all popular articles HOWEVER it must first be read. The right title will accomplish that for you and by using any of the 3 ideas we discussed here today you can easily develop one that will attract readers. So remember the next time you are writing articles to 'top off' your great content with an equally great title!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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