A few hours ago, Xiaomi brought Weibo to introduce two exclusive core technologies at Xiaomi 12 Pro. The company announces a variable sliding speed screen and natural eye protection mode.

12 Pro uses a second generation LTPO screen with 120Hz refresh speed and 2K + resolution. Xiaomi claims that LTPO allows the screen to reduce the speed of refresh when there is a need to save power. This is hardware capabilities but also requires software cooperation. Xiaomi Smart Dynamic Rate Technology takes care of this. Ideally, when swiping, the optimal refresh speed will set the displacement / frame to a constant value. The longer friction, the more frames are needed.

To ensure a smooth operation, Xiaomi 12 Pro shear speed changes will increase the frame speed to 120Hz when the user's finger touches the screen. It will then gradually reduce the speed of refresh when the sliding speed is reduced. The level of refresh is 10Hz until it stops sliding. Xiaomi 12 Pro is the only Android smartphone with this feature.

To achieve such functions, Xiaomi needs to refactor scrollview and listview in original Android control to improve the ability to assess sliding speed. In this process, you need to understand the knot that turns on the frame rate. If you intervene too early, it will cause a visual stall; If you intervene late, it won't save power.

Some scenarios do not require very high refresh speeds, such as low frame level animation, low-frame racial vidoes
, and input methods. When the system detects this scenario, it can actively reduce the refresh rate of the screen to save power. In browsing and reading scenarios, a stationary screen and we can reduce the speed of refresh to 10Hz or even 1Hz to greatly save power consumption.

The Xiaomi 12 series is equipped with a smarter screen eye protection mode, which no longer adopts the "one size suitable for all" approach but makes different adjustments for different colors. Take CIE color space for example, the color with the blue light component is the
between pure blue (0, 0, 255) and pure white (255, 255, 255). Even though other colors also have blue light components, the proportion is low.

In addition, the Xiaomi 12 series maintains traditional features such as primary color, Dolby's vision, and 10,000 dimming. It also supports HDR video with a peak value of more than 1000nit and has passed DisplayMate A + certification. It's easily the best look on the Xiaomi smartphone so far.

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