Growing up, I have been privileged to stay around people of different convictions and persuasion. From the elderly to the young, the educated to him who couldn't add up the numbers, the very rich to those barely getting by and of course from the intelligent to the simple. While all these people may be different as far as classes are concerned, a common code binds them all together: the code of humanity where the same emotions plague everyone: laughter, tears, fear, anger, disappointment among others.
While the study of humanity is wide, open ended and not easily measured, its evident that the human thought process is essentially the same since its dependent on the intake of happenings in the surroundings into the body from the sensory organs. We interpret these messages we get from the surroundings and act accordingly: good or bad.
Being good is dependent on believing and doing the best at any point in time even when its not convenient. Being good can be interpreted as meaning being prepared to achieve without fear desires set forth to be achieved.
The very first step to achieving anything good is being convinced that you can actually get what you want. This must start first in your thought process. When your mind is inundated with enough of these positive affirmation, it becomes a plan which if well worked gives you the edge be it in school, at work, in business, even in shedding excess weight and keeping fit. It is not enough to make resolutions, get excited by them and end up not meeting up to your set expectations. Something extra must be given to make anything possible. The secret is: "Actively engaging your thoughts". A.A Allen in his book: "As a man thinketh" stated that all battles before being transferred to the physical world has been fought on the terrain of the mind. One who has lost on the battlefield of the mind is almost out even before the battle starts in the seen world. He has chosen to give up even before the beginning. While resolutions may have been broken as early as this time of year, it is imperative that you do not see yourself as down and out. The secret to successful achievement is thinking thoughts that boost your beliefs and takes you closer to your desire. Whatever you have decided to do: shed some weight, make some money online, grow you business network or simply to be more productive, the most important thing is telling yourself: "Yes! I can!".
The major difference after all said is choosing to act whether you're wealthy or not.
Are you ready to take the plunge? Are you ready to move from being a defeatist to a optimist? Get ready to take charge of your situation. Love yourself enough to be decisive. Life makes way for the man who knows where he is going.

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The Author is a massage therapist and weight loss consultant who reaches out to as many as need sound advice or training. He has mentored a host of people and he's committed to helping others achieve their goals of the well-balanced body and mind.