Lent started the day before Valentine's Day. I find this interesting since they are quite the opposite. If you didn't know, Ash Wednesday is the kick off for Lent. Remembering that you came from dust and to dust you will return. This is the time of year you give something up that you have acquired along your path and know that it is not serving you.

You don't have to be Catholic to do this. It is a 40-day time period of self-inspection. What can you clean out of your internal closet to make room for the sun, moon, and stars? So what will you put down for these 40-days that started on Feb. 13th? Sit with yourself and ask what habit do I know I need to toss off the empire state building? What better time than now to tell a friend and just do it together. Leave the debris of the past in a heap for the garbage collector. Don't bring it back home with you until after the 40 days are up.

It's so interesting when we often go through challenges we think we are the only ones. Yet truth be told, we know that isn't true. The concept that we are all going through this together is often lost. We get lost in our own sorrows and challenges. I had a student half apologizing for not connecting with me during this challenging time in my life. She defended the fact that she just can't show up for anyone having a hard time because it totally impregnates her. She lives, eats, and dreams their dilemma. She is an emotional empathy, but what she is also telling me she has no protective shield. No magnetic protection.

These are not the times to have weak magnetic fields. Drats! There is so much going on in our lives. So being numb and a sieve is no fun. The only remedy I can think of is spruce up your magnetic field: http://tinyurl.com/lmqhdq

It is still winter in many places and your magnetic field is the first line of defense for your immune system. Even here in the warmth of Los Angeles our immune systems are challenged. Eating the candy of the current holiday won't help us have great strong magnetic fields. Trust me. I tried eating a couple of pieces of organic chocolate the other day and immediately took a dive right back into a little cough and goopy eyes. So I just said to myself, "Self, really do you want the chocolate or do you want to get your immune system back in working order?" It wanted both, but I knew what needed to be done. I bowed and thanked the chocolate for staying in my drawer. Have you ever tried honoring what you are not going to have a relationship with? Good idea.

Let's make lent light. Take the dust that you are made of and blow it around like blowing dandelions. I love the fact that a flower has the word lions in it. Grrrrr. When we blow the dust off objects, we can see them more clearly. Let's blow the dust off of ourselves so we in turn can clearly see who we truly are. Why not up the ante and do a 3-11-day juice fast? Just do green juice for a few days and give your body a much needed break from all that we "throw into it". If you believe you can't do just juice, add a meal of mung beans, basmati rice, and veggies. Check out the link for the recipe: http://tinyurl.com/bdcse94

Yogi Bhajan put me on juice fasts any chance he got. Not sure if I really needed them all or if he just wanted to see if I would do them. I must say they did take care of some pretty serious health situations in my life. Be brave and try one. Your body and yes even more your soul will salute you. Funny you stop thinking of food after Day 3. It frees up so much time and space. Don't believe me just try it. There is a reason that every spiritual practice or way of life has this component as part of their path to reaching greater consciousness. Letting go of food is really one of the most interesting things you can let go of. You will truly see both your greatness and where you freak out most. Know you can do this. I am here with you.

Please share with me what you have given up for lent. I will tell you what I am doing when you share with me. Weeeee.

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Love and Blessings, my dear ones.

Gurutej Khalsa
The Energy Guru

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