Do you know that you can achieve your career goal even if you're born a loser? Some people are more likely to fail than others. Simply put, those individuals are born losers. Do you believe you're born a loser? If you think you belong to that group, you need to change your attitude. Experts have developed some tried approaches that will help you to achieve your goal(s).

After all you'll end up learning that you're not born a loser. In fact, no one in this world was born a loser. Remember that God created you with a purpose then there is no way you're born a loser. The reason why you say you are born a loser is because you haven't discovered your purpose. Maybe you're that sort of person who is lazy or who is not willing to try something because you have that fear of failure.

Being 'born a loser' is just an image you have created for yourself! It doesn't exist, therefore, start doing something to improve your life. Do something today and tomorrow your life will be better than yesterday. Remember you have one life to live under the sun.

Four Tips for Achieving your Career Goal

1.) Understand Yourself: Give yourself a quick evaluation. Write down all the things you think are your strengths and weaknesses. If you think you're born a loser, you'll probably list more weaknesses than strengths. Next, try to determine why you have each of these strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, if one of your strengths is patience, add some specific details such as "I don't mind waiting for several months so that I can advance my career." If "laziness" is one of your weaknesses, you might add some more information such as "I like to sleep until after 10 a.m."

You can help yourself become more adept at improving your hindrances by knowing the specifics of your strengths and weaknesses. It is essential for you to have an understanding on how you can use your strengths as a foundation and how you can gradually convert your weaknesses into strengths. You should have a target of improving your weaknesses gradually.

2.) Modifying Your Weaknesses: You need time to improve your weaknesses, so recognize that fact and don't expect immediate improvement. Your action plan should be specific. Outline steps toward achieving your career goal.

For example, if one of your weaknesses is lack of focus, you can begin modifying that weakness by engaging in activities such as reading books about focus or listening to someone speak for at least five minutes before you lose your focus. Improve your performance in areas of your weakness by steadily lengthening the time frame and posing additional challenges for yourself.

3.) Learn from Winners: Interact with people who are successful. By interacting with such people you'll learn from them and this gives you a chance to adopt their strategies. And with time, this leads you to excel in your career. Successful people possess great qualities that you can follow including being focused under pressure, critical thinking, perseverance, competence and persistent.

4.) Remember It: When you succeed, remember it. When you achieve something, use that achievement as your motivation. This reminds you that you're capable of attaining success. You should expect some failure, but use your failure as a learning experience. Look upon failure as an opportunity to learn and improve to do something better.

Remember, you're not born a loser since no one was born to be a loser. God created each one of us with a purpose.

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