Dating can be a daunting pastime. For some it is a wonderful game, full of interest and intrigue, whilst for others is an embarrassing and awkward nightmare. You start asking yourself what on earth you are going to say, whether to try a new chat up line or to talk about the weather and questioning how you look or what you should wear and how to get past go in this dating arena.

The fear of making a fool of yourself, or being embarrassed or openly rebuffed can sometimes be enough to make you turn tail and retreat at a rapid pace. It is this anticipatory anxiety which causes all of the issues as opposed to what actually happens when in the dating situation.

We all, I believe, know that not everyone we are attracted to will be attracted to us in return. We also know that the timing may be wrong; that other person may already be in a relationship and therefore not free to respond to your approaches. This does not mean that you are being rejected; it is simply that the timing isn't right. But the person who is afraid of being rejected will tend to believe that this is what has happened; the tendency is to judge what happens from one's own perspective instead of taking a step back and viewing it from a different angle.

We tend to see what we expect to see. If you are afraid of rejection you will expect it and see it even when it's not really there. But once you overcome fear of rejection, you see things from a different perspective; you recognize that you are attractive and desirable to others, and no longer interpret circumstances as a pattern of rejection. Dating should be fun; it should be interesting, exciting and easy.

Once you overcome fear of rejection you see your situation with the eyes of curiosity and positive anticipation. You look forward to seeing who you might meet, to finding out more about them and ascertaining what you have in common. You enjoy meeting new people, both as friends and as potential material for a more serious relationship. Either way, it's fun. Even when you meet people who you do not have anything much in common with, you can, when you are no longer afraid of rejection, enjoy the fact that you are all unique and individual; you can enjoy each other's differences.

To overcome fear of rejection you have to learn to step back and to see things from a different angle. You have to learn to change your inner expectations. Hypnosis is extremely useful in executing this task as hypnosis provides access to the inner workings of your mind. With hypnosis you can build you confidence and feel completely at ease when flirting with potential play mates.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for dating confidence and relationship issues.

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