One of the most precious treasures we have in this world is our own family. Mother, father and siblings, if there are any, are among the members of a typical family. Without our parents, we would not exist in this world. Our parents protect and guide us throughout our journey. They give us clothing, food, medicine and all the necessities that we need.

You will understand the major role that a father and mother has on each other and to the family by reading this article.

Father - Our fathers are considered as the foundation of the family. They are expected to be tough so that in difficult times the children and the mother have someone to hold onto and to gather strength. They are considered or they are expected to be the main provider for all the needs of the family.

Aside from being the breadwinner, our fathers are also expected to be our defender. When we face some difficulties, they are there to protect us. They are the ones who keep us safe in our homes and outside.

Another role of a father to his wife is to love, take care, and cherish her. The husband should also help his wife in taking care of the children and also serves as a moral overseer for the family. Providing financial needs to the wife for the family is also his obligation.

Mother - The role of the mother is different from that of the father. While a father is the one who looks for income and protect the family, a mother on the other hand is the one who takes care of the children. They are the ones who guide, nurture, educate, teach good manners, and protect the children. They act as the light in the family. Mothers are the opposite of the father. Many mothers today are already working and are serving as the breadwinner for the family while the husband also works at the same time. Wives are supposed to stay at home and take care of the house, keep it clean and arranged. They are the ones that bring the children to school back and forth.

The role of a wife to her husband is to take care of the husband by the time he comes home from work, to love her husband, to comfort his husband and to support him when he is making decisions. Husbands and wives support each other in everything. That's why when they got married, their vow included the phrase "through thick and thin, in sickness and in health...". They have to be together as husbands and wives for their entire lives.

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