The first time I experienced the soul starting to connect with its physical incarnation prior to birth was during pregnancy. This process of connection can continue for several weeks after birth.During that periodthe soul “comes and goes” until it has firmly established aconnection with the new born.

Sometimes people can feel the soul or presence of their unborn child around, almost like a “meet the parents” experience.

Through my own experiencesI knew that the soul “lives on” after death, that it is eternal as I had witnessed that several times.It took another few more years,when I hadmore soul-based experiences, beforeI realizedthe significance of the role thesoul plays in our life.

Around the year 2000,after spontaneously healing myself of a semi-detached retina that urgently needed an operation and healing a very high blood-pressure that needed medication I became more serious about my own healing gift. As I never really had any medical issues that needed an operation my priorities were elsewhere most of the time.

It was then that I decided to transition from being a business owner of a small IT company to full-time spiritual and soul healing.I have since had the privilegeto help manypeople with healings at a physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, karmic and cellular level by using the soul’s own knowledge combined withthe spiritual guidance I receive for the client.
From more than 7000 one-on-one distant healings and many group healing calls, I experienced first hand that every person’s soul holds enormous wisdom and that your soul has a purpose for incarnating.

I call that the soul’s life lessons and some of these lessons are so important that they can even influence the timing of yourtransition or death.

My guidance foretold onseveral occasions,sometimes up to a year ahead, when someonewould have their transition. In these instances the soul knew the timing of death or transition in advance.

In one such instance, I had given a client,who was terminal ill,some support. She was totally at peace with her pending transition and had been clearing, with help of a friend, all the karma she was aware off.

Several weeks later her carer left a message saying that she had been in and out of a coma-like state for a week, did no longer eat and that something was stopping her from her transition, could I please help.

After permission from spirit and helping her complete a karmicissue through remote healing she transitioned peacefully within several hours after completion of the remainder of the karma.

From this and many other soul-based experiences and healings I became aware that we are all born for a reason. One of the lesser known reasons is the completion of karma from past lives, which is often with loved ones.

With karma I mean an incompletion from a major previous life-time event that also involvedthe other person you meet again in this life-time. These karmic incompletions can be for many different reasons.
Sometimes it involves a violent past life between you and the other. In those past life situations, often one person died suddenly and the other not.

Sometimes victim and perpetrator meet again in this lifetime without any conscious memory of such past life event.When that happens, you often find one person very afraid of the other and of life itself, sometimes for no apparent reason.

One such example is that of a 6 years old client who had daily recurring nightmares for more than 2 months. This child would wake up the same time every night, extremely upset andinconsolable for no good reason. It left the parents exhausted and desperate not being able to help him.This time I was given permission to heal this child’s karmic incompletion, which was a violent death in a past life, and within a few dayshe slept through the night again.

Another such case involved a5 yearold clientwho was healed from his autism which in his case was caused by a karmic predisposition. This boy had been diagnosed with severe autism at a young age and had been receiving all the therapy that was available here in Australia, buthe was still not speaking at all.

His mother approached me when he was 3. At the time the guidance was that I could help yet,he needed to be a little older.

When he was 5 permission was given for the healings and after his karma was completed, he began to speak incessantly within 2 weeks.

There are many other reasons why a soul may choose to re-incarnate, such as developing new soul qualities or to express some of its innate unique abilities on the planet.
So please remember there are always very good reasons why you reincarnated.
One of the main reasons is to help your soul complete its purpose and to have the life experiences it needs.

Author's Bio: 

Mia den Haan is a soul and spiritual healer and is the author of two books "No Autism Any Longer", the story of two boys she healed of autism and "New Concepts for Business and Humanity" which contains prophecies given in 2004 about coming changes such as the current weather.
Her own miraculous healings led her to make a full-time commitment to her healing abilities and gifts around 2000. Prior to that she owned and managed a successful IT business. She has since done more than 7000 personal sessions in more than 40 countries.
In addition to her personal sessions she also runs master classes, group healings and courses and is a regular speaker on various summits.