Desires flow from deep within. They come from your True Self. The cost of ignoring them is high. The time may not be right. But you can nurture your desires. You can gradually move toward them. In doing so, you release your Inner Genius.

Pay attention to your strong emotions and desires.

Desire and passion are central to the evolution of life. From fish to reptiles to mammals, we find patterns of ever deeper passions and ways to satisfy them. With mammals, these patterns evolved into the capacity for relationship—sometimes for life. Desire and passion form the heart of life itself. They are integral to all growth.

Passion is an intense emotion from deep within. It fuels our desires. It holds a powerful energy to create. Desire and passion shape our lives and who we become. They align us with our True Self and Inner Genius.

Make choices that honor who you really are.

Life in this universe requires that choices be made. Not everything goes. Disequilibrium appears in the gender dynamic of animals. The male tends toward wide-spread mating. He thus ensures that more males will carry this gene in the next generation. The female insists on a high-quality mate with vitality and good health. She makes an intuitive choice based on a complex awareness developed over millions of years. Hers is a critical choice. A good decision ensures the future for her and her offspring.

You are an infinite choice-maker. You make choices moment-by-moment. Decisions may seem complex, but you put forth this smoke-screen of resistance. Each choice moves you either toward or away from your True Self. You will know by the way you feel.

Each moment presents an opportunity for choice. Each choice states the value you place on yourself. The plan is simple. Pay attention to your feelings. Follow your passions—the desires of your heart. Honor your True Self and release your Inner Genius.

Imagine what it feels like to live your desires.

You are a vibrational Being. You live in a vibrational universe. Your every thought vibrates and attracts. In the practice of creative visualization, you focus on your desires. You imagine what it feels like to live your desires. The Universe responds. Your vibration moves beyond where you are now standing. Good things flow into your life experience. And, like a muscle, the more you practice, the more you benefit.

In your creative visualization you are the director. You set the scenes. You decide whether to be alone or have someone else join you. You imagine any conversation that takes place. You enjoy seeing your life as you want it to be. And here is the fun part. Evidence will begin manifesting as your desires make their way to you. Small changes will excite you and propel you forward. You are evolving to something better. You are accessing the power of your Inner Genius. You are aligning with your True Self.

When you follow your desires, you feel passion. You feel energized. You feel joy. Having a life vision helps you stay focused on your desires. It guides you in making wise choices.

Write down a vision of who you want to become and what life experiences you want to enjoy. What is written is believed. With your vision you are creating a happier and more fulfilled life. You are accessing the power of your Inner Genius. You are becoming your True Self.

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Mary Beth Ford is the author of Wisdom from the Gardens - Life Lessons and creator of the CD Garden Wisdom - 5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy. She specializes in the area of life balance, which she describes as balance between outer world and inner Self. She looks to the natural world for guidance in human affairs. In her work Mary Beth shares five powerful garden lessons for living with balance and joy. Using nature images she offers us a new way of seeing ourselves and our world.

Mary Beth speaks often to groups. She shares simple rituals, inspiring stories and ways to know the True Self. She wants to help busy people live with Spirit in the world.

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