A baby stroller is one of the most important baby accessories that new parents need to purchase.

However, with the numerous options available today to parents, choosing the right one for their family can be quite a tricky task. Although, you might find numerous baby stroller types, it is vital that you choose a model that suits your budget and lifestyle, so that you do not land up on something that is way expensive then what you might have wanted, and useless at all.

Although, you might have already fallen in love with the one that you just saw on your TV commercial, you should also consider if they will fit your lifestyle before you make your final decision. The best way to know which stroller fits your lifestyle and needs is to consider how you will be using those most often. By considering your daily lifestyle and how you would be using your stroller, you can find the one that fits your needs.

Here are some suggestions we have for different lifestyle means:

Carrying your baby around for some fresh air - a travel friendly stroller is the best for this purpose. These strollers have a dual feature that becomes a car seat and then can be straightened out to be a cart which you can push around.

Daily jogging - a jogging stroller is the best option for those parents who love to jog, but want their babies by their side all the time. A jogging stroller has been designed with air filled tires which delivers an extremely smooth ride for the baby.

Making use of public transport while traveling - if you are a busy woman who hops her way from the local store to the city bus or other public transport, a lightweight stroller can be a smart option. They have easy one hand fold which makes it convenient for mommies to carry them and get into any public transportation.

Weekend travel and hikes - if you wish to have your part of fun but still want your baby by your side, then an all-terrain baby stroller makes it easier for you to take them on uneven surfaces. These strollers have smooth and easy navigating tires which makes it easy for you to carry a baby around.

Stroller handled by different people - not all couples or family members have the same height, so a fixed handle can always be a problem for people who are tall or for those who are short. For this you need an adjustable handle that can help parents comfortably push the baby through without any effort.

Walking around the neighborhood - if you plan to use your baby stroller just to carry the little one around the neighborhood, then a Carriage stroller or the Combo stroller allows your baby to lay down, or sit, which gives them the view of the neighborhood around.

Apart from these you may also want to think about the space you get inside the stroller. For instance, if you need to carry the stroller in your car trunk choose a model that fits in well. Also, if you plan on having more than one baby, choose a high quality stroller that serves you till the end of your family planning.

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