Most of us have seen the doomsday sayers, at least in a movie, holding a sign saying "the end is near". This month in particular the attention is given to the end, especially with the Mayan Calendar's ending. Now we peak at (or peek at) the date 12/12/12. Is there any significance, any intuitive meaning to this day?

12/12/12 Days and Numbers

How long has it been since we started associating days with numbers? It dates back quite a long time, long before our current calendar system. The Mayans associated each day not just with a number but with what they called a "Glyph", a symbol that represented a god. Now that we're in modern times let's reinterpret that idea of a "god". Each of the gods had their own abilities and empowerments. Fair enough that we translate the symbol of a god into a symbol for an ability or human attribute.

Why not directly state "human ability"? Looking back, people did not understand a whole lot about their own abilities and attributes, and to ask them to understand the meaning was way beyond their comprehension. It was far easier to point at something less than human (or more than human) and plant the seed of an idea in their minds, something they could grow toward. Want to complicate matters? Take it a step further, as the Mayan Calendar did, and you will find not just those attributes, but the relationship of those attributes in mankind. Turn that ring of relationships into a spiral and you find the evolution of mankind, and the ever-turning cycle of life. Within that spiral we find everything: physical laws, consciousness, conceptual abilities, karma, evolution, spirituality, and more.

12/12/12 The Meaning of Numbers

This day, 12/12/12, is rich with the number 12. Let's make that number our focus. In our standard numerology the number 12 would be imploded into a single digit, giving us the number 9. Let's play devil's advocate, meant in a playful way, and talk about the number 12 as a stand-alone number.

In the Mayan calendar there are 13 numbers within a cycle. This could be related to the 13 full moons within a year. For the Mayans the number 13 was a magical or sacred number, very different than our superstitions carries still today, omitting 13th floors from buildings.

What about the number 12? Here's how I see it. The number 10 is completion, the number of rewards. Does it do us any good to get a check without cashing it? What about delivering the goods without getting payment? Better yet, what if we cook a meal, then say "I'm done" without eating a bite? Doesn't make sense, does it? It's certainly not rewarding, nor does it promote repeating this cycle again, and again. Oh, how we love our life lessons!!

What follows the number 10? When we complete anything the next question to ask is, "What does this mean to me?" That would equate to sitting down for the meal, tasting, and saying, "love it, like it, could use a bit more oregano". The number 11? That would be digestion, calming down enough to get something out of all your earlier efforts.

What's the number twelve? Here we step into the magic of it all, a step that our body knows well. It is a transformational time when we break down what is given to us into digestible bits, a time when we nourish ourselves, gain whatever benefit we can from the experience. Take this thought a step further, and think of your cells as your tribe. It's a time to distribute the wealth, build your community, make the whole stronger and wiser. Here's the kicker, it's all internal. Definately a big event with strong intuitive meaning.

The Intuitive Meaning of 12/12/12

No doubt about it, this day is one of gain, and not just on a ego-based "it's all about me" level. In fact, nothing that we do is one-sided or singular. Wish our government, corporations and leadership would catch up to the insightfulness that we spiritual hold, but then it's up to us, the breathing, living bioforms to speak up, direct our guidance, and "twelve" our lives to the fullest.

Moving forward, what can we look forward to? The number 13. Scary? Yes it is, but not in a scary way.

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