Take Your Recovery From Narcissistic Abuse To The Next Level!

From the safety of your home learn trauma-transforming steps to not only empower you but also make notable reductions in the vast array of trauma symptoms.

What would it be like to have an action-oriented roadmap for recovery that has helped thousands of survivors find their path to a vibrant and resilient recovery?

Attend this Telesummit if you want to:
Learn best practices and research-oriented strategies for healing the trauma of narcissistic abuse
Utilize the personality science of why you are targeted to avoid future victimization by guarding the personality traits that are heavily targeted
Apply the steps to decrease your cognitive dissonance and better understand the connection between cognitive dissonance and trauma bonds to move forward
Spot warning signs of pathological individuals and why they are so damaging
Avoid common myths and misconceptions about personality disorders and how they entrap survivors
Reduce the symptoms of narcissistic abuse mentally, psychologically and physically while increasing your well-being
Benefit from the neuroscience behind your symptoms so you can utilize what works and stop doing what worsens your brain functioning
Better guard yourself in challenging relationships with narcissistic family members
Dig into the family of origin issues and its connection to codependency.
Understand abuser characteristics and how to identify dangerous partners
Discern the intricacies of gaslighting so you can protect yourself
Receive in-depth information about court-related issues including what you need to know to win against a narcissist in family court, child custody with a narcissist, how to protect your children in court, why the court's miss 'dangerousness' and why it can be so harmful to children

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Anne Brown is an author, speaker, teacher, coach living in Snowmass,Colorado. She served as the trusted advocate and advisor to Influential Corporate leaders, Trial Attorneys, Athletes, Leaders, Physicians, and their families, many whose connections extended well beyond the town of Aspen. Dr. Brown's nursing and psychosocial education afforded her the unique ability to assess and intervene with her clients' medical and emotional concerns.

Combining her own professional experience with that of her no-nonsense mentor, the former Chilean Minister of Finance, Dr. Fernando Flores, Dr. Brown used a methodology that helped people reveal their blindness's and speak authentically thereby decreasing their suffering and increasing their dignity and authenticity.