As purpose-driven women entrepreneurs, we go out into the world and think we need to give so much more of our time and energy, and work harder, to make more money. I want you to know how to work SMARTER, not HARDER.

Working smarter includes raising your rates and getting paid what you’re worth, so you can deliver the service you feel great about, while making money and changing lives.

When I first started my business, I just wanted to make $5,000/month. I figured, if I did this, I wouldn’t ever have to return to my teaching job, and I could continue doing what I love.

What about you? What amount of money do you want to make each month? What amount do you need to maintain the quality of life you desire?

Here’s the thing: you can’t be the light of the world if you can’t pay your light bill!

In order to really make a difference on the planet, what do you need to get paid to show up fully? And to afford the self care you desire? What do you need to make every month to really be able to thrive? When you’re thriving, your clients are going to be able to feel that and they’ll feel more confident investing in you and your services.

To support you in giving yourself a raise that leaves you and your ideal clients feeling great about their work with you, here are my 3 feminine secrets to giving yourself the raise you deserve…

Feminine Secret #1: When People PAY, They PAY Attention

When you give yourself a raise, you’re doing it for you. You’re also doing it for your ideal clients.

Let me explain…

In order for clients to make the kinds of changes you’re asking them to make, so they can get the results they’re looking for, whether it’s in the area of their health, relationship, business, or something else, they have to invest.

You have to charge enough for people to take you seriously - AND - enough for them to really take their commitment to the work they’re doing with you seriously. The rates you charge become energetically equal to what they can receive.

What have you invested thousands of dollars in, Sister? Have you invested thousands of dollars to get business training? Have you invested thousands of dollars in your health? How much did you PAY attention and commit to the changes you were seeking, when you were paying thousands of dollars?

When I first started charging $50,000 - $100,000 a year to coach clients privately, I could barely say the rate out loud! And I knew, if I was going to be coaching clients at this rate, I had to invest in a $50,000 - $100,000 mentor, myself. I knew this would give me the experiences I required to be able to show up for my private coaching clients - and my business overall - in even more powerful ways.

Imagine how much I was “paying attention” when I invested $100,000 a year in working with a business mentor! Let’s just say, I was paying a LOT of attention to our work together, and committed to getting a high return on my investment!

How much more committed will your clients be to their work with you when they’re PAYING you what you deserve?

Feminine Secret #2: Add Value

In order to give yourself a raise, add value to your packages so your clients get the value you’re promising them without you working harder, spending more hours with them or otherwise bending over backwards!

When I first gave myself a raise, I increased my rates to $497/month! My clients still only got 2 sessions/month with me, yet I wondered, what could I ADD to the package that would make them feel really excited to invest $497/month to work with me?

That’s when I started to add things like:
Weekly exercises so their program had structure
A journal to write in every week
An “SOS” call each month (This was a “Sister Oh Sister!” support call where they could leave me a voice text when they needed me or were feeling low.)

I did also add a 2 ½ hour “Jumpstart Session” to the first month of my 6 month program so we could lay out their plan for what they wanted to work with me on. Yet most of the “value” I added did not require much of my time, once I had set up the exercises and journal details.

Ask yourself:
What do you want to include in your programs so you feel great about charging your new rate?
How can you add value to your current or new packages?
What kind of structure might you create for them using weekly exercises or a journal, like I used?
How can you create ways for them to check in with you weekly, via email or voice texts, so they can feel connected and stay accountable in between sessions?

This way, you’re working smarter, not harder. You can feel great about giving yourself a raise because you know your programs are full of value for your clients.

Feminine Strategy #3: Do The Math!

What do I mean by this?

Get clear on the amount you want to make each month and how many clients it’s going to take to get you there!

When you don’t know what amount you’re going for, how can the Universe line itself up in your favor?

When you don’t know the amount you want to step into, how can the Universe actually open the doors and send you the people that need to come your way so you can create that result?

So let’s do the math.

If you want to make $5,000 a month, how much do you need to charge? How many clients do you want to work with?

Let’s say you want to model the package I originally offered my clients: a 6-month package at $497/month. All you need are 10 new clients EVERY 6 MONTHS to (almost) hit your $5K goal. How cool is that? See how doable this is?

If you want to make $10,000 a month, how much do you need to raise your rates? How many clients do you want to work with?

Let’s say you started off at $497/month, but now you realize it’s time to raise your rates to $997/month. If you offered a 6-month program, all you would need are 10 new clients EVERY 6 MONTHS to (almost) hit your $10K goal.

I want you to see how workable this is. How doable this is. This isn’t rocket science! You can hit your $5K - $10K+ monthly targets with more ease when you give yourself a RAISE. And… not only does this benefit YOU, it benefits your ideal clients, too. (Remember secret #1?!)

As a mission-drive woman entrepreneur, you deserve a raise. You really do.

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