Christian churches are interesting organizations. The entire purpose of the Christian church is to be a place for believers to gather for worship and share the message of Christ with people who are seeking direction. Of course, like any organization, churches want to be effective and grow, both in size and in strength. Church leaders pour countless hours and dollars into trying everything they can to make their churches grow.

Here in the 21st century, there are 3 non-negotiable keys that every church absolutely MUST have if it is going to grow.

Key #1: The Right People

Everything rises and falls on Leadership, so it’s absolutely critical that the right people are in the right positions to get and keep the organization on the right track. Pastors have to develop their teams of leaders, and consistently train and motivate them to lead the congregation well.

Key #2: The Right Strategy

There are tons of different church growth strategies, so how do you find the right one? Here’s an easy way to identify the best strategy for your church: Find a church that is a couple years ahead of your church, they look and feel like you hope your church will become, then connect with their leaders. Be humble and teachable and simply ask for insights on what your strategy should be. After that, along with your team, decide what the strategy for this year will be. Then, just repeat this each year.

Key #3: The Right Tools

If you have the right people and the right strategy, it will still be difficult if you don’t have the right tools. Churches need to utilize tools such as presentation software and a good church management software system. These tools are more affordable than ever and easier to use than ever before. Also, there are so many resources available thanks to technology to fully equip your church to succeed.

If a church is struggling, it’s probably because of the People, the Strategy, or the Tools.
If a church is thriving, it’s probably because of the People, the Strategy, and the Tools.

Take a look at these three simple keys and you’ll probably quickly be able to determine some steps you can take this year to help your church become more effective.

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